[COMPLETED] 2019 BMW i3 Range Extender. $123/month includes tax. $0 down. 11 months left. 2000+ miles/month

The transfer is done. This is no longer available.



I am interested in this lease takeover. I have assumed leases with BMWFS multiple times and very familiar with the process. Is there a good contact number to discuss?

Bumping this thread.

Hi, I’m interested in this offer, would you be able to share contact details? I’m currently in norcal.

Hey there, you can email me at sp200489@gmail.com and we can take it from there. Thanks!

Bumping this is still available

I am interested. Can you get in touch with me? My cell is 908-745-9085.

Bump. This is available

I message you with my phone number

You can code the car to let you manually turn it on anytime you’re 75% or less. Just as an FYI and a free bump for you.

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I thought about doing that to my i3, but I remember seeing people get a drivetrain malfunction? on their i3rex

Crazy to see how cheap these i3 takeovers have gotten. Covid and remote WFH destroyed the value of these.

Have my i3 REX coded for this feature and have not had any issues so far.

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Never been an issue on mine or any of the other ones I’ve coded.

ill take this

I would like to takeover this lease. Please contact me when you can. Thank you.

Bump. Finally got back in town and ready to do the transfer.

Interested :smiley: