(Complete) [Lease Transfer] BMW M240i XDrive - $3000

2017 BMW M240i xDrive
Lease is up May 2020
Buyout is $32,075.96

I paid the entire lease off a few months ago, and it has no payments. The car currently has 29,000 miles on it, and 36,000 miles on the lease (so it has 7,000 miles left). There have been no accidents and the car has been garaged its entire life. The tires were replaced in November and all maintenance has been completed on schedule. Buyer to pay all transfer fees.

I’m looking for someone to take it off my hands for a flat $3,000. I’m located in Western Washington state.


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man this has to be a weekend car… aprox 20 miles a day…

Wow - this will go quickly. $3000 for 13 months is an effective $230/month. Even with the low mileage remaining, that is a steal.

At $.25/mile overage you could go 5000 miles over ($1250) and still only pay a net of $326/month ($96/month more over 13 months).


Yep - its priced to move. We ended commuting wayyyy more than we expected and bought a new car (instead of leasing). We were putting 2500+ miles a month on the car. I figured I’d pay it off and recover some of my money instead of blowing through the miles allotment.

I wish I had a need for this and somewhere to park it. Someone put me out of my misery. @jananth1 didn’t you have a friend looking?


Edited OP and added information about buyout and tires.

Wow. I am going to check on this and get back to you ASAP

PM’d OP. 101010

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Didn’t u lose money paying tax on the buyout? Maybe would’ve been better to transfer the lease and pay an incentive for the miles?

This was trying to be moved recently for over 600/mo and now $3000 gets someone the transfer for one year? Am I not following something?

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Long story short - bought a new house and needed to lower our DTI. I tried transferring it, but ran out of time and just paid it off. Now I’m trying to recoup some of what I paid to pay it off.

Just DM you. Thank you

Is the car still available to see?


Hi I just DM’d you - thanks.

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one of the best driving bmw models - only if it was stick - the new M2 is the ultimate though!

Hi All - the car is no longer available :slight_smile: you guys all rock


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