Competitive Lease Incentives

I currently lease my wife’s car (2016 Chevy Malibu) which comes to term on Dec. 15th. We have a lot of travel planned between Thanksgiving and Mid-December, so if I haven’t signed papers on a new lease before Dec 15th, we turn in our old one does that mean I will be giving up all my “Comp Lease Incentives” since the lease is technically over; or will competitive dealers give me some grace period if I show the term ended 3-4 days prior and car shopping in that window?

TL;DR - Should I sign a new lease in November to get comp lease incentives or is there some buffer time after my current lease to claim this benefit?


Usually what i have seen is 30 days period.

I think volvo has a 6 month look back for conquest (Or at least did at some point this summer).

It depends on the particular offer. It will be in the fine print, check the manufacturer website. What brand are you looking at?

Not too sure yet… most likely just going to chase down the best deal I can. My current is a 2016 Chevy Malibu for $72/mo… basically some good end of year deal is all I really want, if its not there I might just buy something.

no. has to be a current lease registration for audit purposes. if it is expired at the time of signing, you do not qualify for the competitive lease rebate.