Comparing lease offers - Total Cost of Leasing?

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This is my opinion and what I feel, I may be wrong but wanted to put out to see if i am the outlier here.

After using Lease Hacker forum for deals, broker offers and my own research with dealers, one thing is sure both dealers and brokers keep the offer in thread in such a way that for most part you cant compare. You have to pick up each offer and use Lease hacker calculator to find the actual & realistic cost past the low monthly offer.

Is there a need for ‘Total cost of Leasing’ be shown instead of per month and then +++++
Instead of $200 + tax per month + x,y,z,a,b,c DAS it should be

Total cost of leasing per month = (Fixed (per month lease*lease term, fees, acquisition fee, dealer fee, broker fee etc.) + variable cost (Tax, loyalty, conquest, MSD down))/lease term

Make sense or just a rant…

How can a dealer/broker do that when they don’t know everyones’ tax rate?

Thats why Tax is a variable cost. Thats what will depend on buyers location and specifics around loyalty etc., however acquisition fees, dealer fee etc are fixed cost

I agree with the total cost of lease comparison. That is ussually how i make decisions on leases. But maybe we are both wrong?