Combining Multiple Rebates

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Good Afternoon hackers!

Is it possible to combine the following incentives…

Costco, State, and Fed

For example on an Audi Q4 E Tron:
Costco is 1k
NJ is 2k
Fed is 7500 (not sure if this is POS or for purchases only)


I believe many people said no. You can checkout this thread.

Thanks. I looked through that, but nothing specific on those three incentives for the q4 e tron.

If the car and you income qualifies

This is outside of my area of interest, so I can’t do much more than paste the link, but there’s a long discussion on the federal tax credit here:

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The incentive is for leasing, otherwise if eligible you can claim through your taxes on a purchase.

That leasing incentive should stack with the state rebate and Costco AFAIK.

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