CODE RECEIVED - THANKS! Does anyone have a (working) Lucid referral code?

We just put a deposit down on a 2023 Lucid that suddenly appeared in Lucid’s inventory yesterday. To get a reasonable lease price, we would need to use a referral code.

Does anyone have a code for the additional $1,250 that still works? If so, I would appreciate it if you could PM me the code.

The Lucid rep indicated that once a code is used 20 times, it no longer works.

Many, many thanks!

Did you try any from the larger Lucid thread? Start near bottom and work up


Here ya go


I received a code from a kind member, and it was accepted.

Apparently, Lucid is limiting the reused of codes these days.

I had a 2023 in my cart and someone checked out faster. Mind sharing the final numbers?


Also curious what numbers you get. I had a 2023 that popped up (maybe the same one :smiley: ) but gave it up after getting the final numbers post-application. The residual value got rocked which made the monthly payment over $800.

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I’m waiting for the final numbers, but they should be around $476.55 per month plus tax (after applying the referral credit), with the first month due on delivery.

2023 Lucid Air Pure (Dual Motor, All-Wheel Drive)
MSRP: ~$79,650
Lease term: 18/12
RV: 53%
MF: 0.00010

By the way, the website calculator is wildly off, at least for 2023 models.

Even after placing the order, the lease deal was not calculating correctly, as it was showing over $1,000 per month with $6,000 due at signing, but the Lucid rep assured me by text message that the lease would be ~$546 before applying the $1,250 referral credit (effectively $69.44 per month), plus tax, with everything else capitalized into the lease.

I was hoping for sub-$400 pre-tax, but the lease incentives are lower than in April.

I’ll update you once we have the paperwork.

I was given a 53% RV for a 18/12 term.
MF: 0.00010

Yeah I was given the same values. Here in CA that residual made my payments shoot up. They also wouldn’t give me the $5K on-site incentive though because it had to be shipped, and all the incentives here are taxed apparently.

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Don’t forget you utilize this referral credit that can be applied to your down payment/drive-off. The amount depends on the trim level. Anywhere from $750-$1250

I just placed an order for 2023 touring. Waiting for someone to get back(guessing only tomm).

However, I don’t see any credits or rebates applied. Did it show the credits after making the deposit? And can referral be applied after ordering?

Our experience working with one of Lucid’s Internet Sales Associates after placing a deposit was simply horrendous.

In fact, it was as bad or worse than the sneeziest traditional auto dealership I have encountered in my many years of buying and leasing cars.

As a result, we are completely turned off Lucid despite loving the product itself.

$750 referral code. Show dealer code

Hello I am buying a lucid today and I am wondering if you can share me your code for your car

After placing an order for an Air Pure, we experienced extremely deceptive and sleazy sales practices on the part of Lucid’s inside internet sales team.

Thus, we canceled our order yesterday.

The car is great, but the company, or at least the sales arm of the company, is simply abysmal, at least in our experience.

One takeaway from our experience: we now I understand why their stock has declined over 95% since March, 2021.

Can you please elaborate on what the Lucid sales team did?

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Point here is to look at the deal. Sometimes need to look away at the route of getting it as long as the $ makes cents. If you can deal with the lousy or slow sales team then you have a win. Focus on the prize.

I’m in the process of ordering one now. What happened?

Can you share the alphanumeric version?? I ordered a Pure with a code that was rejected and now my rep can’t input a new one. He’s asking me provide him with a code so he can check whether it’s been used or not.