Clutch - Serving The West, FL/South+Nationwide - BMW, Jeep, RAM, Alfa, Kia, Nissan, Mercedes GMC/Cadillac & We Buy Cars!

I can’t thank this team enough for hard work, dedication, their detailed information, 24/7 (literally) responses to my numerous questions, and how they literally walk you through every single step of the searching/buying process. They’re truly the best out there and I ended up doing two orders at once. We even had an issue with a specific unit I wanted and they found another car the very next day, which was even better than the original unit.

These guys are top notch and literally go above and beyond. Thanks Clutch for this wonderful service. Deeply looking forward to working with you again on future purchases!

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Great Experience!!

Been working with Clutch for a few months trying to get my first Jeep Rubicon 4xe. Mark has been great through the whole process. He’s transparent and knowledgeable with market trends. Him and everyone there have been patient, understanding, and extremely helpful throughout. Unfortunately I didn’t get my 4xe from them, but wasn’t because of anything they did. I was looking for a particular color and certain packages that Clutch didn’t have in stock. And I was coming out of my current Jeep so time wasn’t on my side so couldn’t really order one and wait the 3 to 4 months.
Mark is great to work with, and I will definitely recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to reach out to them. I will certainly look to them in the future for all my car buying needs!!!

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I’m a repeat Clutch customer and my newest Pathfinder deal with Ali was as smooth and easy as ever. Thank you guys again for saving me hours of work and many thousands of dollars. :mechanical_arm:


Second time dealing with Clutch. Super happy with the Titan! It was clean as easy to get the deal done. Ali was at the dealership to make sure the numbers were correct. Did not think I would ever purchase a Titan but have enjoyed the past two weeks driving it. Thanks again!


Was great to finally meet you! Love the Pro4X in white, looks so good. Enjoy in good health friend!

Jumped on a Titan deal from @Clutch at end of February. Reached out through the website and within 5 minutes received a text to start hammering out the deal. The original truck I inquired about sold within that time frame but Clutch was able to secure me one that I liked even better. Very happy working with Clutch for this headache free deal.

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Jumped on the QX60 group-buy and got the car in a little less than two weeks.
Clutch responds to texts 24/7 which is amazing! Will definitely work with Clutch again for my next car and would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a broker.


I recently work with Clutch to get a 2023 BMW x5 and had a fantastic experience. The whole process was very efficient and smooth. They provided responsive responses and offered helpful information. They also addressed my concerns and worked with me to get the car that fits my budget and needs. They definitely exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking a new car!

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I ended up not working with Clutch but had a super positive, rapid response experience while working on a Nissan deal. Clutch came back with a fantastic deal that was unmatched elsewhere–we just went with a different car in the end. Excellent experience and I’ll be sure to reach out when our other lease expires soon.


Clutch is an amazing broker and willing to answer any questions. Went with another deal but they were happy to help when asked about any deal they had. True Pros!

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I got a QX60 for a family member through Clutch. Clutch was always very responsive and the whole transaction was super smooth. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend them. Thanks again Clutch!


I’ve got to give a huge shoutout to @Clutch for making my 2023 Nissan Murano lease a breeze! I bombarded them with questions, and they were always quick to respond and super patient. With their guidance, I managed to snag a fantastic deal that I couldn’t be happier with.

If you’re looking for help with your car leasing journey, I highly recommend Clutch. I’m already planning to hit them up again in 18 months for my next ride.


Just want to say this is my first time working with anyone online, I have always been the go to the dealership and get bent over. I was hesitant with Clutch - because I have never done anything with a broker before.

From the initial conversation to the 100+ questions I had, they took time and answered all my noob (1st time leaser) questions. The transaction was so seamless - it almost felt too easy and I was getting scammed hahaha.

From conversation to vehicle on my driveway within days, You have a lifetime customer @Clutch

THANK YOU so much!


I can’t thank the Clutch team enough! This was my 2nd lease and first time using a broker. Like others have mentioned the process was so incredibly easy that it almost fell into the “too good to be true” category. Ali was awesome, answered all my questions, endured my eagerness to get my car, and got everything set up exactly how I wanted it. I hate going to the dealership but this experience made it a breeze! I love my 2023 Kia EV6 Wind RWD!


An absolute please getting you this beautiful EV6! Glad we were able to pull you out of your Niro early! Congrats and enjoy in good health.

Negative experience with Clutch both for buying and selling - mostly just wasted my time on this try. Not useful as a broker.

Specific items:

  • For buying provided 1 option only, said there are no others. Dozens of dealers locally and in nearby cities had those models in stock (yes, I confirmed - had to work with them on my own).
  • Provided purchase price higher than publicly advertised by the dealer (to be fair - by not much, but still)
  • Pushy to purchase ASAP
  • Never answered an important question that promised to answer
  • Ignored some information I provided via the DM, then via the form I had to fill - was re-asking that again via emails
  • Confirmed they are buying the cars too, confirmed that received the form that required me to fill. Never followed up on that.
  • Auto-subscribed to spam emails about the completely unrelated cars
  • For every request asks to fill a form - i.e., copy same data second time (and as mentioned above - some info from one form is ignored, other form was just lost)

I was working with other brokers/dealers here at LH before, so can compare to how nice and productive the experience can be. Unfortunately, cannot recommend Clutch.

Welcome to Leasehackr and thanks for your first post and your review!
We would love to address your concerns and improve your experience.

In our quick interaction (over a month ago) of 6 total emails from you and of a couple DM’s we sent a link to be in our CRM as it is much more efficient to communicate via email/text way vs the LH DM system which doesn’t allow searching, follow up, etc.
We simply sent you a link to our contact form. When sending a link via LH DMs it alters it to give a preview of the webpage which you thought was a footer. So we resent it and explained how that works since you misunderstood.

We work with a handful of dealers we know will give our customers an excellent experience and great discount, the only Pacifica available we could locate is what we sent. They do sell quickly and all of our customer like the ability to be able to complete a transaction the same day IF they wish to move forward, that is what we offered. You also stated you “appreciate the speed” but can’t complete it today to which we literally stated “no rush” in our following email.

We offered you a deal on ordering exactly the one you wanted and followed up with you 3 days later to see if you were still interested. You responded and said “nothing needed” and “appreciate the ping” so we did not reply or follow up again with a bid on your vehicle since you were not interested.

You did receive one email campaign with a special offer if you consider it spam (many of our customers like to see what the latest and best offers are) you can unsubscribe from it in one click.

Forms exist to accelerate speed of response, have data in a structured way, and have automations related to submission. We only have 1 form for new vehicle request and buyout request, every other request you had was answered nearly immediately. We handle thousands of inquiries and these forms are necessary in order to be able to work with the volume.


Had an excellent experience buying with Clutch. Clutch was great to work with, fast, and responsive to our vehicle needs (X5 45E) and delivery timeline. Had a few small hiccups that they quickly took care of and overall the experience was miles better than going to the dealer and doing everything ourselves. He beat all of my local quotes (+ADM) and what was listed on other broker sheets (MSRP) and on top of that got us in with a build to fully customize. Most dealers locally actually turned us down because they could not meet our delivery timeline of EOY 2022 for tax and incentive purposes.


I was one of Clutch’s first customers a few years ago and continue to do deals with them personally and refer friends and family to them. My latest experience involved 3 EQS deals out of AZ for myself, parents and a friend. All deals went flawlessly. The dealership interaction was perfect. Our paperwork took less than 5 minutes with zero requests to upsell (per our request). Highly recommend their services.


Congrats on the new X5 we are so excited you were able to snag that beauty and get it in time for 2022 tax season! Enjoy in good health and those silent EV miles :slight_smile: