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Thank you for the opportunity brother!
Appreciate the kind words. Enjoy in good health and well be here on the next one.

Just had our ‘22 Alfa Romeo Stelio Veloce dropped off, we got our deal through Clutch! They dealt with me for the past few weeks as we changed our minds on what we wanted, and managed to get the vehicle dropped off at our address, 100 miles away from the dealership as my wife and I are still recovering from Covid. Thanks for putting up with me guys!


@renren thanks so much for the kind words my friend very happy to help you guys out. The white Veloce is :fire:
Enjoy the new car in good health, glad we made it work!


Just a shout out to clutch for brokering a deal on the new 22’ Alfa Romeo Stelvio… the process was easy, had a few hiccups but it was taken care off. Would definitely recommend going through clutch for your next vehicle needs

Thanks clutch


Congrats @Khango! Glad to get you that new Stelvio and happy we got you that first responder discount! Enjoy the new ride in good health and congrats on being our first Alfa Customer!


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Here’s a pic of the one I’m selling


Just picked up a 2022 Stelvio. In and out of the dealership in 45 minutes, mostly because I skipped the test drive. Otherwise I likely wouldn’t have had to wait at all by the time I came back from the test drive. Not a dollar more than agreed upon through Clutch. Zero pressure from finance.

Third vehicle through Clutch and have nothing but great things to say.


So happy for you @Omarkhan.82! Glad we could make this happen for you with the color combo you wanted! Congrats on the new ride!

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2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Sold one to… Clutch

Worked with clutch on a Giulia Veloce. Quickly located me the perfect spec car, got a great deal, and had it delivered to my house. Great communication and no BS. It was great working with them. 10/10


Thanks so much for the kind words! Saw your Giulia Veloce and it looks amazing. So happy for you and enjoy the new ride in good health. Congrats!!

This is my second vehicle to purchase from Clutch and it went just as smooth and amazing as the first. No surprises. Price was even better than when I built the vehicle. I couldn’t ask for better service and will never buy a car any other way now. Clutch has spoiled us!


Absolute stunner!
Thank you so much for the opportunity and repeat business. We truly appreciate it and nothing makes us happier to know that the experience was enjoyable start to finish. Im sure well be working together in the near future. Hope you and the family enjoy in good health!


After just getting a Giulia from clutch a few weeks ago, I went back and got a Stelvio. Got an amazing price that made it lease better than some economy cars! Same great service, great deal, great communication and speed as last time. Truly the best broker in the game, looking forward to working with clutch again, can’t recommend using them enough!


@Alfa_giulia absolute pleasure getting you those beauties my friend. Love the color choices! Enjoy in good health. We are always here for you!

Long overdue review but I ordered a 4xe through @Clutch in the fall of 2021. They completely answered all of my many questions and handled everything so efficiently and kindly. After I got my Wrangler delivered, we went ahead and ordered another for my wife and received the exact same treatment. Cannot recommend them enough!

Now this week I decided to order a Ram 1500 and am excited to make the trade up once it’s built.

Thanks so much for the kind words @Robert323. Was a pleasure help you guys with the 4xe and excited for your RAM! Enjoy the ride in good health my friend!