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The pleasure was really truly ours. Always a plus helping someone local and hopefully the start of a good friendship. We appreciate the kind words and were always here to help and assist. Enjoy that new v8 in style and we hope to see it on the streets and take a ride soon! Was a pleasure working with you on this and glad we got that situation resolved asap! Thank you for your patience and definitely looking forward to the next ones with you. We have just the right car in mind.


It was a pleasure dealing with Abe at Clutch, and I would highly recommend to everyone looking for a BMW. Abe was able to get me a deal on a new 2021 BMW M3 Comp, as opposed to all the local dealers around me selling at MSRP or more. He’s transparent, quick to respond, and friendly. Will definitely be coming back for my next lease with Clutch!


@is3zzz honestly the pleasure was all ours. Really enjoyed the process with you and cant wait to see pictures of the car once you pick it up from PCD!
Well be in touch the whole way and excited for the next one with you as well. Hope you enjoy it in good health. Now comes the hardest part. Waiting for this beauty to get built.

I was referred to Abe with Clutch by another member about a day before I signed with a local dealer on a new M3 Comp for MSRP and an inflated MF. I messaged Abe late at night and was surprised to get multiple responses back and forth. I had never leased a car before, let alone used a broker, so I had many questions about the process. Abe was able to answer all my questions and was more than professional about the entire deal. On the third day I was ready to move forward and was put into contact with a dealer that upheld every number that Abe provided. My order was submitted and on the same day I was given a production number to my new build. I have already referred Clutchautodeals to other friends and I plan on returning for future purchases. Thank you for all the assistance!


@BMdoubleUTIFUL thank you very much for the kind words. Its been a pleasure working with you on this beautiful build M3 Comp. Cant wait to see the final outcome. Im glad we were able to secure this and get that wonderful interior as well. Timing could not have worked out more perfectly.
Now the true test begins. Congratulations again and cant wait to work with you on the next one.

Clutch was awesome! We were moving from Cali to Tennessee, Clutch found us an amazing car, all the options we wanted, insanely good deal on price, and got the car delivered to us – in a snowstorm! – within days. Followed up throughout the process with many parties involved. Incredible experience all around. Will be going back to Clutch when this lease is up.

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@aherskine thank you very much. Pleasure working with you both really. Glad we could assist with it all. We already know the next one will be special. Enjoy in good health.

Absolutely great experience with Clutch, this was my first time leasing and my wife was looking for an M440i with certain colors and options that turned out to be a difficult car to find but not too difficult for Ali.

He was super responsive and kept me in the loop the entire time and within a couple days of my initial email a car was transfered and ready at a dealership near me (even with a literal bow on it). After a super smooth signing process at the dealership with no surprises he called to follow up to make sure everything was to my liking, definitely will be going back. Thanks again for everything.


Thank you so much! Was our pleasure and so glad we got her the car in the exact spec she wanted without waiting 8-10 weeks for it!

Enjoy the car in good health, best to both of you! We are here for you.

I was referred to Clutch and was glad that I reached out. Got a great deal that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. Super responsive and very knowledgeable which is really important when thinking about spending thousands of dollars on something. Had some minor issues with getting the car delivered, but was a carrier issue. Definitely will reach out to Clutch again in the future!

@J_S thank you so much for the kind words. Was truly a pleasure working with you. Glad we were able to get you into that beautiful ride at an amazing price. Most importantly, looking forward to working with you on that next one! Enjoy in good health and were here to help anytime!

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I want to thank Ali from Clutch today for hooking me up with the slickest deal on a BMW. In less than half a day he was able to arrange the car and have it ready for me to sign. It was truly a great experience and I recommend anyone in the market to hit up Clutch for their leasing or financing needs!

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Ah! It looks amazing! Congrats on the new car and thank you so much for the kind words. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and enjoy that beauty in good health!

I’ve been lurking for a bit since I started looking into leasing a month ago, but I decided I had to leave a review for these guys.

Before I reached out to the guys at Clutch, I had called another broker. The previous guy was pushy, aggressive, and clearly got impatient when I asked him to break down the costs he was quoting me. With that guy, it literally felt like a bad dealership experience, over the phone. It made me a little anxious/second guess my decision to go with a broker. Then I tried Clutch.

The contrast with the Clutch guys could not have been more stark. From day one we were literally DMing over instagram going back and forth on different car configurations, payment structures (what to roll in and what not to), etc. I’m an informed lease shopper and wanted to do my due diligence, on my own time. This took very little effort from my end, as they seemed to know exactly what I was after, and at the end of the day they found me a car on the lot that matched my very specific build almost exactly. They managed to get me a great discount on it.

The car itself, of course, is a smooth operator: sapphire black 330i with a cognac interior.

Highly recommend!


Thank you so much for reaching out and it was great working with you on this car. Happy we were able to get you that 330i (especially with HK stereo) in a smooth easy way for you. Enjoy the ride in good health and we will be here to help again!

All right folks, Clutch is the real deal, I couldn’t believe it was really that easy with him, and of course the price he found was unbeatable for an X7 …
Process was smooth, begin on friday, by wednesday we had the car delivered from another state…
It was really the best experience so far leasing…
so thank you Clutch

we will come back!


@ashevtotal thank you so much for the kind words. Was really such a pleasure working with you. Couldn’t have been a smoother transaction really. You guys were fantastic. And glad we got that insane price on the X7. Love the look on it. I hope you guys enjoy it in good health. Well be here for the next one as always. In the meantime stay safe and were here to help anyway we can.

I will try to keep this short and straight to the point on my purchase of a 2020 BMW M8.

I was working with another broker and already had a car bought (or so I thought). I even got an email saying “Congratulations on your new BMW M8!” At no fault to the other broker, the dealer’s GM wouldn’t approve the sale as he had it reserved for a friend of his.

After getting over my initial frustration, I spoke to Ali w/ Clutch. After updating him on the situation, he found me the same car, BUT with better rims and the upgraded Bowers & Wilkins sound system within 24 hours. I initially told him I did not want it, mainly bc of the additional $3400. He sold me on it and even guaranteed I would like it or my money back (lol not really but he did convince me it was worth it).

I told Ali I was not willing to pay more than what I had my current deal locked in for. This man really pulled a Houdini and got back to me later in the day saying he negotiated with the dealership he was working with and not only did he get them to match my current deal, BUT EVEN GOT ME AN ADDITIONAL 1% discount (20% total of MSRP before loyalty, etc).

Got the car I wanted w/ the rims I preferred. Upgraded to Bowers (3400$) AND my monthly pmt went DOWN by ~$90. (ALL WITHIN 2 DAYS OF CONTACTING HIM).

Ali truly was awesome throughout the whole deal. He walked me through the entire process after getting the car locked up (officially this time), went over and verified all the numbers with me, and not once did he make me feel like I was blowing him up and annoying him with me playing 21 questions with him (even though I was). I used the shipping broker he recommended as well (saved an additional $200 from the quotes I got). Truly a one stop shop and will get you literally the best deal available. Super friendly and quick as well.

First time ever using a broker, and based on my experience, I wouldn’t ever be using anyone else besides Ali. Already referred him to other people.

Hit the man up if you want the best deal available and honestly, a smooth and enjoyable process.

Pics below. Dealer is blacked out (sorry my silence was bought w/ the Bowers and Wilkins)

And yes, my name is Ali as well :sob:


Was a ton of fun working with you on that amazing M8. Glad you got the B&W and I knew you’d love it. Enjoy that beauty in good health and keep the tank full :slight_smile:

Fantastic experience with Abe. Like many others here, got my car in less than a week (would have been faster but I was going back and forth about the car I wanted and thankfully Abe was patient with me throughout).

I did a lot of homework about leasing and was even excited to go through the negotiations because of how much I had researched. As much as I wanted to do this myself, I saw Clutch’s deal process and lease offers and couldn’t resist contacting them.

Thought it was going to be too good to be true…it wasn’t. Everything is exactly as they advertise. No catches, no BS and on top of that, excellent service. I went to dealers who tried to match their prices and couldn’t even come close. Ended up saving over $7000 from the best deal I got (including their fee).

Do yourself a favor and message them. You won’t regret it.

Thanks Abe! You rock!!