⚙ Clutch - Sept - Jeep/BMW/GMC/Cad - instock 4xe upto 6.5% + $500 xtra w/aff, Giulia $498, BMW 8% off, GMC $5k off

Just filled out the form. Also messaged someone on Facebook from WCC - Kasey

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We emailed you back, check out our list on incoming Wrangler 4xe’s!

Any numbers on Charger Scat Packs, for the Midwest?

Yes we can still order Charger scat packs

please submit your build and we would be happy to provide you with a quote. We can also lock lease programs on them for you.

Hi @Clutch, do you have any deals on the G. Cherokee 4xe or is it just the regular models? Also, would the dealer you work with accept trade-ins as well towards down payments if there is positive equity?

Yes we do have deals on all Jeep models! We can do a trade in as well but the vehicle would need to be present at our dealership. Or we can assist with a buyout.
Update - 8% off GCL Limited and higher trims orders from our AZ Store with Affiliate!

Here is our instock/incoming Wrangler 4xe’s as well, reserve quickly as we have several that are built and being shipped now!

Please inquire below :point_down:

Re: GCL at AZ store. Can anybody order through them as long as deal is done in person?

Hi there! The deal would be through us and we can have paperwork sent out.

Please send an inquiry to lock yours in!

New 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4x4 - Facelift


Have 2 available in stock
$4000 off MSRP plus rebates!!!
$5000 off MSRP when financing with GMF
It is better to finance these vs lease
No one is discounting these trucks!

Click here to get your new GMC from Clutch


Do you have window stickers/available features?

clutch. what’s the sticker price? can you post it? ty

We have white, black and possibly a titanium now!

All are SLT premium plus

@derpingit here you go

do these have conquest and college discount applicable via gmf ?

Not that I am seeing.

Can it go to Mass?

Sure can! Send an inquiry. We may have 1 left

Hi @Clutch I sent an inquiry with the links to two builds and wanted to see if I can please get a quote. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sent an inquiry on 540i lease end and a new build request. Thanks Clutch!

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What are you seeing with lease prices on the GMC trucks? Thanks!

Best to purchase them and take the finance rebate and section 179 deduction. We have a couple left in stock!!