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:heavy_check_mark:$499 dealer fee
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:fire:Over 30 Nissan Frontiers available :fire:

Nissan Pathinder

:fire:Over 60 Nissan Pathfinders Available :fire:

Nissan Altima

:fire:Over 20 Nissan Altimas Available :fire:

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Any Titan Pro-4x with leather with these offers?

We have (6) on the ground. Contact us at www.clutchautodeals.com/contact and let us know which color you would be interested in.

Any base nissan pathfinders?

Just SL and Platinums at this point, but if you’re in Texas you should absolutely take advantage of the tax credits. Please contact us at www.clutchautodeals.com/contact

Do you work with WA state? and are trade ins (2020 CRV) an option for the Pathfinder? also is it available for 36m?

I thought Nissan prevented their dealers in Texas from leasing out of state? Did that change?

:gear: :fire:Last Day of the Month Nissan Blowout :fire: :gear:
:earth_americas:AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE :earth_americas:

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum AWD w/ Captains Chairs
Pearl White TriCoat w/ Chesnut Interior
:fire: :fire:FULL TEXAS TAX CREDITS :fire: :fire:
MSRP- $53,655
18 Months/10,000 Miles

$8,100 One Pay + $4,500 MSDs (All-In)*

Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL w/ Premium Package
Obsidian Pearl 2-tone with Black Roof
:fire: :fire:FULL TEXAS TAX CREDITS :fire: :fire:
MSRP- $50,105
18 Months/10,000 Miles

$7,200 One Pay + $4,050 MSD’s (All In)*

2023 Nissan Frontier SV Midnight Edition 4x2
Glacier White
:fire: :fire:FULL TEXAS TAX CREDITS :fire: :fire:
MSRP: $39,010
18 months/10,000 miles

$4,790 One Pay + $2,700 MSDs (All In)*

2023 Nissan Altima SR-VC
Scarlett Ember
:fire: :fire:FULL TEXAS TAX CREDITS :fire: :fire:
MSRP: $37,025
18 months/10,000 miles

$6,375 One Pay + $3,150 MSDs (All In)*

Altima SR VC

All Deals available Nationwide, Just add Sales Tax



I just did a 1-pay w/ 9 MSDs on an S AWD. It was comically hard for the dealer to get funded on. Being pleasant throughout the experience was the only thing keeping them from cancelling the deal altogether.

Price wise? Lol. Around $6300 all in with $2250 coming back at the end.

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what is feb’s deals?

Clutch will be too busy sleeping today to get new deals posted.

Typically you need at least a day to get the new numbers.

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Send us an inquiry below!

Can you post the feb deals for altima and pathfinder?

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I also interested in seeing the Deals for February!

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@Shri_R @Farid_Redondo Wed absolutely love to help!
Send us an inquiry below and well get right to it!