⚙ Clutch - Nissan/INFINITI- MIDWEST- $402 INFINITI QX80; $435 QX60- Armada SL & Frontier Pro4x crazy onepays!

Hi Clutch, I filled out the form. Hope I can get a better deal to save a few bucks!

Can you please pm us which email was used so we locate it?

Also just submitted the form. nicenice19@gmail.com. Interested in either QX60 or QX80.

Just submitted my info for the QX60. Please have that deal!!

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BIG NISSAN DROP COMING in the morning 3/15/2023!!!
(Daylight Savings Time and Time Zones are Hard Sometimes)

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Contact CLUTCH Today!!!


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(3) 2023 Nissan Armadas AWD SL on the ground
:unicorn: Effective Payment <$500

:white_check_mark:Available Nationwide

**All quotes are 18/10 and include loyalty

:gear: #1 Black SL AWD :gear:
$8,699 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #2 Hermosa Blue SL AWD :gear:
$8,699 One Pay. + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #3 Hermosa Blue SL AWD :gear:
$8,546 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

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(5) Incoming Frontier Pro4x- Will land in March

:white_check_mark:Available Nationwide

:gear: #1 Super Black- MSRP $45,360 :gear:
$4,425 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #2 Tactical Green- MSRP $45,755 :gear:
$4,428 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #3 Boulder Gray- MSRP $45,755 :gear:
$4,428 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #4 Tactical Green- MSRP $48,545 :gear:
$4,449 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

:gear: #5 Boulder Gray- MSRP $46,505 :gear:
$4,434 One Pay + TTL + MSDs

Contact CLUTCH Today!!!

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Wow, I thought someone said Nissan wasn’t doing one pays on 18/10s anymore.

We do! Never stopped.

Any with captain’s chair package?

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On the Armadas, are the incentives tied to it being an 18/10? I’d need 15k annual miles, so +7500 over the course of 18mo term. How much more would that increase the one-pays?

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@JDS @poorredman happy to help
send us an inquiry and well run quotes / share builds on what we got!

Does Infiniti ever have conquest from other luxury brands? Also, are there any deals on the upper trims for these or does the residual just not make much sense for the numbers.

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Happy to help. No conquest. We can work the Sensory models too!

Definitely interested. I sent in two inquiries, thanks!

What’s your typical response time to email inquiries?

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@schwags can you please PM us the email used to make sure we didnt miss it?
We try and get back to everyone fast!

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Just had my 2 QX80”s delivered. Thank you Cluth!![


What are you guys paying to get these shipped? This is a very intriguing deal

@clutch - I filled the contact from last week for a QX60 but never heard back.