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2023 Nissan Frontier 4x4 Crew Cab SV
MSRP: $40,xxx
:fire:$5,250 One Pay + Tax and Registration :fire:
:fire:$2,000 Down + Registration; $255/month + Tax :fire:


:gear:Other Trims and Models available at 5% off MSRP or $100 over RV. :gear:


Thank you for coming to the Midwest! I swear if I wasn’t keeping the 4xe, would definitley be getting this. Regardless, thank you for bringing this deal!

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Can this be delivered to CA or do you have any dealers in CA?

We can arrange shipping to CA. Contact us www.clutchautodeals.com/contact

What kind of options do the Pro4X have? Close to Indiana?

@VictoryIsMine its the top of the line trim on the Frontier. Similar to TRD Pro on the Tacoma.

Very close to Indiana. Please contact us for more information.

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I’m currently leasing a S crew cab for 18 months. In February it’ll be one year. I’m already getting close to the mileage limit. Are there any options for me at this point? I wouldn’t mind getting into the higher trim if I can do a trade for the current one without any out of pocket. Thank you.

Guessing your truck is worth significantly less than the inflated residual suggests

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If you’ve hit 15k miles already in December, you’re pretty much shit out of luck.

Only way you’re getting out of that is if you make all the remaining payments or you can choose to roll that into your next lease

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I’ve got about 2k left. I figured with the high rv for it I would be out of luck. I hope Clutch can provide some input about possible options. Thanks.

Any non truck Nissan deals? Dealer here has a 18/10 special for $189 with $3000 down on Altima SR AWD (non premium pack). Can you better this. Lower DP and/or addn Prem Pack.

Of course! where is here?
Please fill our inquiry form so we can give you a proper quote

You work with dealers in Las Vegas?

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:fire: :fire:2023 INFINITI QX60 AWD LUXE :fire: :fire:
Several Available for Delivery before end of the Year
Midwest Dealership
Available Nationwide

:gear:MSRP: $58,675
$3,000 Down + Registration
:gear:$495/month + Tax
Includes Loyalty


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@Clutch do you have any dealers that can add MSD"s to a Frontier one pay?!?!?

Here is Indianapoliis. Dealer is Andy Mohr Nissan

:fire: :fire: :fire:Boulder Gray Pro4X- Instock :fire: :fire: :fire:

MSRP: $45,755

One Pay $4,670 + Tax/Registration

:gear:GET YOUR PRO4X today!!! :gear:



Do you guys service Colorado? Local deals here are crap.

We have vehicles shipped every day. We can do this for CO residents as well.

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