⚙ Clutch Jeep Deal - South - Wrangler 4xe orders up to 10.25% off! Insane RAM 1500 Laramie deal - Clutch exclusive!

The @Clutch Wrangler 4xe deal - UPDATED JAN 2022 PRICING

• 10.25% off MSRP on >$65k MSRP builds with Affiliate (9% without Affiliate)
• 10% off MSRP on $60-65k MSRP builds with Affiliate (9% without Affiliate)
• 9.5% off MSRP on <$60k MSRP builds with Affiliate (8.5% without Affiliate)
• Buy Rate Money Factor
• Low $444 doc/notary/temp tag fee
• Only $500 non-refundable deposit to the dealer to place the order, which can be used towards drive offs

PLEASE NOTE: The Affiliate program is back on the 2022 Wrangler 4xe’s, but it can only be applied if it continues to be offered in the month your car arrives. You can sign up for Tread Lightly (https://treadlightly.org) ($100 membership level) (M99138 company code) and redeem a control number from the FCA Affiliate Rewards website (https://www.fcausaffiliates.com) and keep that handy in case the FCA Affiliate discount continues to be offered on the Wrangler 4xe at the time your car arrives. You must be a member of Tread Lightly or have Affiliate through your employer before placing your order and you must be a member of Tread Lightly for at least 30 days before taking delivery of the car.

UPDATE ON OUR LIAISON FEE: It is time to give back! We will be donating $75 of our $500 Liaison fee to one of FIVE charities of your choice: (No Kid Hungry, UNICEF, Autism Society of America, National Breast Cancer Foundation, or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Please let us know which organization you would like to support at the time you place your order with us.

RAM 1500 Laramie Southwest Edition - Crew Cab 4x4 - well equipped example build
$62k MSRP
36/10k lease
$495/month +tax
$2000 due at signing (Plates/reg fees are extra)

Lease MF and residuals can be locked on this deal too!
Rebate applies to customers in AZ, NV, UT, CO, WA, NM

The @Clutch Grand Cherokee L - deal

• 7.5% off MSRP on ALL TRIMS
• Buy rate MF
• Low $425 doc fee

If you are looking to lease, Altitude is the best value.

The @Clutch Gladiator deal

• 8% off MSRP (extra 1% if affiliate is still active on 2022s
• Buy rate MF
• Low $425 doc fee

The @Clutch Wagoneer - deal

• 3% off MSRP ( extra 1% for affiliate)
• Buy rate MF
• Low $425 doc fee

The @Clutch Pacifica - deal

• 7.5% off MSRP
• Buy rate MF
• Low $425 doc fee

You do not need to sign in person and everything is done over DocuSign and Zoom. We can ship anywhere in the U.S., and we are happy to assist you with shipping arrangements. The cost of shipping is not included in the deal.

The Process:

  1. Build your desired Jeep on Jeep.com
  2. Scroll to the bottom, click “Download PDF”
  3. Send the PDF to our email - Clutchautodeals@gmail.com
    Please include your:
    -Zip code
    -Desired term/mileage allowance
    -Credit score


  1. Q: Is shipping included in the price?
    A: Shipping is not included and is your responsibility, but we are happy to recommend a good shipper that provides great rates.

  2. Q: Are you able to include the $1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward rebate (CCFR)?
    A: No, our dealer is not in CA and therefore the CCFR cannot be applied.

  3. Q: Am I able to pick up the car at a local dealership close to me?
    A: No, the Jeep will have to be picked up or shipped from our Southern region dealer. We have options in the Southwest region as well, so please check that thread.

  4. Q: Can acquisition fee waivers be locked?
    A: No. While programs show that the acquisition fee thru Chrysler Capital is waived, this is based off the regional business center and we have seen acq fees applied in states like: NY, NJ, OH, IN, and MI.

  5. Q: Will I be handed over to the dealer after paying you the fee?
    A: The dealer will contact you to confirm the build and collect the $1,000 deposit/partial payment. All questions about the process and/or updates should be directed to Clutch. Our dealers are extremely busy and we can handle all your questions or concerns.

  6. Q: Can I get a discount for buying/ordering more than one vehicle?
    A: Yes! We offer a $50 discount off our fee for repeat customers. You will have to sign a waiver on the 2nd vehicle saying you will keep it minimum 6 months.

  7. Q: If I don’t qualify for Tier 1 can I cancel my order?
    A: We try our best to determine upfront if you will get Tier 1 with CCAP, but CCAP is strict and not everyone will qualify. Before placing your order or moving forward, you must be comfortable paying Tier 2 rates, especially if your credit score is borderline with Tier 1. We cannot refund you if this happens as it is out of our control.

  8. Q: What is the lead time for a Jeep order?
    A: Stellantis (Chrysler corporate) is currently advising dealers that customers should expect to wait 80 days on average for a new 4xe order. We have seen much shorter times than this, but we cannot make any guarantees or tell you which configuration will come in sooner.

  9. Q: Can I change my order after placing and confirming it?
    A: No, Chrysler typically picks up sold orders and places them into queue very quickly. So if they introduce a new color or option that you want and your order is already placed, we cannot do anything to modify your order.

  10. Q: Do I have to lease through Chrysler Capital (CCAP) or can I go with another bank such as Ally or U.S. Bank?
    A: At this time, our dealers are only offering leases through CCAP.

  11. Q: Can I apply my $500 deposit towards my driveoffs or request for it to be refunded if I decide to do a sign-and-drive?
    A: Yes, your $500 deposit will apply towards your driveoffs at the time of signing. Sign and drive raises your money factor so we don’t recommend it.


Whats your Broker fee? Unless there isn’t :wink:

We charge $500 on CDJR deals

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Apologies if I missed this, but where in the South is this dealership located? Just trying to determine if I’d need to fly or drive


Is “Gecko” bright green color available in the 4XE? Are these 2021 or 2022 model year, and does the model year impact my color choice?

I only drive green cars… and this one is two kinds of green!

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Gecko green is available on 2021!


whats your email?


link fixed

Did the price go up another $1220 on July 15th (after the $1800 increase a few months ago)?

Yes, see bullet #1

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Just sent you an email Clutch. Glad we can get some deals down here in Texas!

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We are working through our inquiries, please be patient we will get to everyone. Thank you!


What is this months tier 1 money factor ? This would be my first time leasing a car and I’ve read a bit on LH. I think i might get this right.

On a $62k MSRP 4xe High Altitude what should payments look like on a 0 down, tier 1 credit 36/10 lease? I’m open to a 1 pay also. I can’t find what the residual is.

So basically any answer on what the buy MF is and the high altitude RV is and i can plug into the calculator and that should get me the answer

Head to the Edmunds forum to keep up with all of the MF and RV changes.

Right now the MF is 0.00172 and the RV is 63% on 36/10 for Sahara and HA. Rubicon is same MF but -1% on the RV. One pay ROCKS on any of these. If you can scrimp the up front cash, the savings are killer.

Out of curiosity, what sort of a MF reduction does one-pay get you?

Reduction of 0.00072 MF for 36-48 month lease

Thanks. This is really helpful.

Yup…For most of these jeeps the savings will be $2000-$2500 over the lease term with a single pay✔️


Does the discount includes tredlightly affiliation or does the dealer does not honor that?

Check post #1.