⚙ Clutch - Chevy, GMC & Caddy - South/West - Camaro LT1 6-spd Avail $499/m, Z71 Silverado RST $595/m - TX TAX CRED!

yep we have both, ill post some examples

Silverado HC = Sierra Denali

Elevation is more like a Silverado RST

Yes it’s just the front grills i like are either the elevation or the HC . Any deals on either of them?

2023 Silverado 1500 High Country

36/10k lease
$659/m +tax
$999 due at signing plus reg

TX tax credits available!
Requires conquest lease & GM card signup


2023 Silverado 1500 4x4 Crew Cab LT
Lease Blowout

Also have Black, White and Dark Ash incoming!

36/10k Lease
$495/month +tax
$1000 Due at signing

TX Sales tax credits available!
Requires Lease Conquest & GM Card sign up

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do these deals apply for florida residents?

im interested either in a 2023 GMC sierra elevation crew cab (rwd) or 2023 Chevy Silverado RST Crew Cab (RWD) .

Have any Sierra AT4’s?

Yes we can lease to FL residents! We also have AT4’s available @MrAndrewArnold

Please fill our contact form and we will be able to better assist

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:rotating_light: Rare Vehicle Alert :rotating_light:

New Escalade Sport Platinum

Available and on the ground!
Priced at MSRP plus window tint

Sandstone/Whisper Beige
Onyx Pkg
Power side steps

Click Here for a new Escalade from Clutch

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Hey Clutch, have any existing or upcoming full size SUVs? Yukon, suburban, Tahoe,etc.


Yes Tahoes and Suburbans avail at MSRP or the above escalade.

sent you an inquiry via email and text. Please let me know.

Thank you!

2023 Camaro LT1 Lease available!

Available NOW
6-speed Manual Transmission
Rapid Blue/Jet Black

39/10k lease
$499/m +tax
$999 due at signing

Requires current household lease. Some regions get extra $500 conquest.
Supplier available to stack!
Click Here to get your Camaro LT1 Deal!


Do you do any deals in Michigan?

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We can ship nationwide!
Send us an inquiry below!

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Hi. I am from FL looking at a Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab, 2.7L Turbo with a $52,340 MSRP. I am trading in a end of lease 2019 LT 5.8L with the all star package with leather. It only has 9,640 miles. Buy out is 30,838. They say they are giving me $35,000 for the trade in.
They quoted me $550 month for a 10/39 lease, first month payment up front.
I would love to here your thoughts on the deal and would be happy to work with you on a new truck. Thank you.

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Send us an iniquiry to discuss!

Promo Lease on very well Equipped Silverado 1500 4x4 RSTs!
Almost Sold out 2-3 remaining only!

39/10k lease
$595/m +tax
$2000 due at signing

Requires current lease and GM Card Signup

Additional savings for GM Supplier, First responder, Military, Healthcare or Educator!
TX Tax Credits available!

Click Here to get your Promo Silverado lease from Clutch!