⚙ Clutch - Chevy (CA) - November Deals - tahoe in stock and available!

Welcome to our all-new California Region Chevy Thread!

We are process-focused and always aim to provide the best customer experience.

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Our Process:

We work with several dealers in California to help find you the best deal on your new vehicle. Once we agree upon a particular car, we will finalize the numbers with your taxes and fees, and at that point if you agree you will pay our fee. You will then submit a credit application with GM Financial for approval, and if approved, we will arrange the pickup/delivery of your new car! You can choose to either (1) ship the car to your door (at your expense), or (2) request to pickup the car at the dealer. If you choose to ship, we can refer you to our shipping contact who can get you a competitive quote.

All of our posted deals are based on:

36/10k or 39/10k Lease Structure
$1,500 drive off

Note: $500 healthcare/first responder/military/educator can be used with Conquest but not with the $750 additional Supplier CCR rebate

We charge:

$500 Liaison Fee (unless specified otherwise)

As a Customer inquiring about a car, what do I need to provide?

Model you are interested in:
Color/must have options:
Zip code:
Term: 36/39/42/48
Miles needed: 10/12/15k
Loyalty/Conquest/GM Supplier:
Any other incentive(s) you may qualify for:

Contact us:
Please Email Clutch!


-Several units coming in!
-MSRP ranges between $39-42k
-39-month lease with 10k miles is most competitive (62% RV)
-Super low dealer fees
-California customers only for now

Sample Lease (39/10):
-$41,000 MSRP
-39/10 lease (62% RV)
-$1,500 DAS

-$350+tax (Conquest + GM Supplier Code)
-$390+tax (GM Supplier Code only)
-$405+tax (Conquest only)
-$440+tax (No Conquest or GM Supplier Code)

Includes CA registration and all fees, but no shipping/delivery

36-month option also available and is typically ~$20 more a month pre-tax.

Email us for a quote! Clutchautodeals@gmail.com


Love it! Keep em coming

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HI, what is the payment without the supplier code?

Hi John - we will actually be posting the figures without the GM code and/or Conquest shortly. In the meantime please email us at Clutchautodeals@gmail.com and we will happily provide you with a quote!

Updates to pricing on Camaro LT1’s in first post - don’t necessarily need a GM Supplier Code to still get a fantastic deal on one of these!

Assuming lease loyalty doesn’t count, only conquest?

Lease loyalty or lease conquest both work :+1:t3:

Just arrived in stock

2021 Silverado RST V8
MSRP: ~$50k
36/10k lease
$2000 due at signing

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Sold out of last month’s LT1’s! Several more incoming units beautifully specced, all Automatic LT1 Coupes.

September programs slightly changed for the 39/10, but it’s still the most competitive. Please see original post for sample lease!

Email us for a quote: Clutchautodeals@gmail.com

2021 Silverado Trailboss available!

Almost $45k MSRP
36/10k lease
$525/month +tax
$2500 due at signing (includes CA plates/reg)

Must have Costco and household lease

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Do you guys have any more LT1’s available or know when they will be?

We actually just got 1 in, email us: clutchautodeals@gmail.com

2021 Chevy Suburban LS - on ground and available!

36/10k lease
$728/month +tax
$2000 due at signing (includes CA plates)

Requires costco and lease in household

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White/Black Camaro LT1 Available - just landed!
RS Package

$42xxx MSRP
36/10k lease
$465/month +tax
$2000 due at signing (includes CA plates)

Must have lease in household

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I sent you an email but for some reason it was rejected. Please send me your contact number. Thanks

We have a Tahoe LT available right now
Luxury package
2nd row bucket seats

Anything good on LT1? Are those stock units only or custom orders available since I’m not interested in automatic.

Only incoming units no orders at the moment.

Tahoe still available shockingly!

Tahoe Premier available! This will not last!

5.3 V8