⚙ Clutch CDJR - South - 23 Wrangler 4xe up to 9.75% w/$425 doc fee Ram 1500 night ed $475/m, Gladiator Willy $441/m

I also would like to know

Please include your zip code, miles per year on lease and credit score in your email inquiries!

Thank you!

what’s the closest dealer to Wisconsin?

Do you know when Billet silver will be available?

Residuals and MF on 4xE’s remains the same for August!

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if you are building on the Jeep website, do you still need to add $ to the MSRP changes in mid July or does the website reflect August MSRP? Also what area is dealership in so I know if its pickup or ship?

As of today it looks like the Jeep configurator online still shows the older MSRP. I just add $1,220 to whatever the website shows to account for the mid-July pricing increase.

Jeeps lethargy in updating what undoubtedly is theor primary mode of interaction with the public continues to amaze :slight_smile:

I would absolutely hate to be a jeep dealer. Can you imagine all of the customer accusations about the dealer trying to price gouge? “But it says right here that the MSRP is…”

It’s mind boggling to me too. But then again, up until yesterday Jeep’s landing page was still showing their July 4th specials…

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It is a color that I simply can’t understand them not having right now. Talk about a color that would be liked by 99.9% of the population :slight_smile:

Grand Cherokee L - Pricing update!

Limited trim or higher
6% off MSRP

Altitude and Laredo
4.5% off MSRP

These prices require FCA affiliate

If you are looking to lease, Altitude is the best value.

How much is to lease altitude one?

For quotes on grand cherokee L’s

Please send the build pdf (click download pdf at the bottom of build your own on jeep.com)
Your zip code
Miles per year you’d like

Where in the southeast is dealership located? Any in Florida?

Grand Cherokee L Sample pricing

Laredo and Altitude lease the best

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L - Altitude 4x2
MSRP ~$43k
36/10k lease
$1000 due at signing + Reg/plate fees

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Laredo 4x2
MSRP ~$39900
36/10k lease
$1000 due at signing + Reg/plate fees

This includes Affiliate pricing and Acq fee waiver (can change depending on state/delivery month)

So you can see how differently they lease:

2021 Grand Cherokee L Overland 4x2
MSRP ~$60800
36/10k lease
$748/month +tax
$1000 due at signing + Reg/plate fees


Can you provide pricing for a Grand Cherokee L Summit (brown interior)

in Texas 7614- 36/12/ 36/15

Sure Email us the build, zip code and credit score


Email sent

So if I’m not an FCA affiliate what am I looking at on an Altitude?

EVERYONE can have affiliate for 50 bucks. Search accessfund.org and affiliate, etc.

It will save you 1% of MSRP.