⚙ Clutch - BMW - Florida & Central - August deals!

Welcome to our FL and Central BMW thread!

We are process-focused and always aim to provide the best customer experience.

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Our Process:

We have several dealers that we can use to help find you a new vehicle. Once we agree upon a particular car, we will finalize the numbers with your taxes and fees and at that point if you agree you will pay the fee. You can chose to ship the car (at your cost) to your door or upon request we can setup pick up at the dealer. We can refer you to our shipping contact who can get you a great deal. We follow up on all of our deals all the way through funding to ensure adherence to original terms.

All of our deals:

36/10k structure
Include BMW Loyalty

We charge:
$500 Liaison fee (unless specified otherwise)

As a Customer what do I need to provide?

Model you are interested in:
Color/must have options:
Zip code:
Miles per year needed: 7.5/10/12/15k
MSDs or no MSDs:
Loyalty/Conquest/Corporate :
Any other incentives
OL Code/College Grad/Penfed :

Contact us:
Email Clutch!

The Deals:

We added a spreadsheet for simplicity and ease of browsing! (Says CA only, but there are multiple tabs for other regions)


In less than 24 hours, X3M is sold to an awesome LH member!


2020 740 demo added!

430 GC loaners added! several at 22% off preincentives

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Do you have any 2021 X5 ?

Send us a message with what your looking for and well look at some options.

is loyalty worth 4k? that is what is shows on your calc

If you mean the x3M the calc shows $4000 in taxed incentives which includes loyalty and lease cash.

How does lease cash work

Lease cash is money given by the manufacturer to the customer for a specific model. Everyone will qualify for lease cash

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X4 M40i is sold

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430 GC’s have been claimed!

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:fire::fire:2020 BMW 740i Msport Demo crazy deal drop @ 8pm MST :fire::fire:

$750 Liaison fee

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Listening… :hear_no_evil:

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… waiting

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You guys are both early for 8PM MST

Read a book! Lol


Does it come with ps5 in the trunk? I am camped in front of my laptop.


@Trato is known to throw down some nasty 7 deals


You know it!

Easier to get a sweet 7 deal than a PS5!