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Update. Have killer deals on new 2021 X3’s and free shipping to anywhere in Florida! DM for details.

Promotions end today 1/4, lock in your free shipping to FL today!

Just wanted to hop in here and tell you what a joy this whole process was working with @Clutch This was my first time working these types of deals and i could not be happier. No Stress and No funny business. Looking forward to working with them again.

We just got an M8 gran coupe at 13% off!

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Happy new year and thanks for a great month!

BMW is changing the loaner program to have cars now eligible up to 7500 miles! Looks like @michael will need to update the LH calculator :slight_smile:

Check out our new West Thread serving AZ and the west coast - we also ship nationwide!

We thank you kindly for the words. Pleasure was all ours! Looking forward to the next one.
If youd be so kind to share your review here for others to see wed really appreciate it!

2021 x3 M40i - brand new
Msrp: ~$60k
Payment: $620+tax ($596+tax w/MSD)
DAS: $620+tax+reg
MF: 0.00086

Available incentives: loyalty (included), OL (need to validate), penfed, new grad, CCA (post sale)

$500 Liaison fee

2021 M340i xdrive - brand new
MSRP: ~$67.5k
Payment: $696+tax ($668+tax w/MSD)
DAS: $696+tax+reg
MF: 0.00086

Available incentives: loyalty (included), OL (need to validate), penfed, new grad, CCA (post sale)

$500 Liaison fee

Have quite a few X3s landing next week to replenish inventory!

Hello… any M340i w/ Adaptive M suspension available for South Florida? Thanks.

looking to lease M340 36/12k, in south FL 33428

:fire: We are doing 10% off in-stock And builds for M340i’s! :fire:

Buy rate money factor
No dealer add ons


any x5 loaner deals in south florida (33143) ? 36/10

M340i is a serious car. Faster than the previous generation M3. I am 11 months out from needing one but it is at the top of the list of cars being considered.

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Added a spreadsheet by region for ease of browsing our deals!
18% off 740i and 750i!
10.5% off X3
10% off X5

For the California tab, you should add a column for the CCFR rebate if your dealers participate. It’s an instant discount on top of Loyalty and lease cash. No qualifications for the lessee.

Or maybe your payment already incorporates that?

Good suggestion!

For those that qualify CCFR is available and would be in addition to the current prices!

For california deals, we have our West thread.

New to LH and first time poster with a question. Roughly what can I expect to pay for transport from FL to Atlanta?

We have typically seen $300-$400 range on that route!

:fire: We can now do 10.5% off new and ordered X5 40i’s through the end of the month! :fire:

Spreadsheet has been updated.