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2021 X3 M40i executive demo available!

:fire: Enhanced to 13% off! :fire:

MSRP: ~$69k
Payment: $664+tax ($637+tax w/MSD)
DAS: $664+tax+reg
MF: 0.00086
Residual: 56%
Available Incentives: loyalty (included), OL may be available (need to validate), College grad

$500 Liaison fee

Wow! Major update! Best X5 deal on LH

:fire: :fire: Enhanced to now 15% off! Brand new X5! :fire: :fire:

No dealer add-ons, buy rate, and very low doc fee too! We can process registration on these for all states too, no pandemic DMV visits!

Here is a sample calc:

2020 BMW X5 xdrive40i - brand new!
MSRP: ~$64.5k
Payment: $637+tax ($612+tax w/MSD)
DAS: $637+tax+reg (we will process reg for you!)
MF: 0.00086
Residual: 54%
Available Incentives: loyalty (included), OL may be available (need to validate), College grad, penfed, cca (post sale)

$500 Liaison fee


We will do 15% off our brand new X5 today only!


Wow :flushed: great :+1:

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Do you have any M235i new or loaners? Or 330i loaner? Can we get in touch on the phone?

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Added a spreadsheet of all our February deals!

11.5% off 330s under $50k
10% off X5 40i
10.5% off X3 30i

Improvements on 430i and M440i for CA!

$598/month+tax for M440i (DAS: 1st month, acq, doc, dmv) - see our spreadsheet in first post

We have OL codes! Can save an additional $500 on your next deal with us


:fire: Mid Month improvements! :fire:

530i/530e now 11% off!
Added CCFR to applicable models!

We still have OL codes! apply them to our deals this weekend.

Deals are getting better :+1:

We have 2 330e’s that can be modified to your exact build available at our current discount!

These will probably enter production in the next day or so.

Down to 1 330e modifiable at this discount!

1 left! Brand new 2021 330e

$45800 MSRP
36/10 lease
$326/month + tax ($357/month w/LA taxes)
$2000 due at signing (includes CA reg & tax)
Rebates used: BMW loyalty, lease cash, CCFR

$500 fee

Email us!

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Brand new 2021 740i M-Sport w/20 inch wheels

$690/month + tax
$3000 due at signing & 7 MSD
-includes CA reg and upfront taxes

Rebates used: Loyalty

Fee: $500

Email us!

Welcome to March!

Main changes:
Residual drop on X5/X6 and X3 lease cash decreased.

Big improvement on M850s!

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What would be best lease deal for the following:

BMW X3 no color preference. If possible premium package (not mandatory)
36/12 lease

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We can do 14.5% off plus rebates on any new 2021 M850!

Spreadsheet updated

What are lease deals looking like on m850is (gran coupe or coupe is fine) in the AZ region?
Looking at new m4 comp as well.

Thank you

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M8 comp convertible - available
$30k off MSRP including loyalty

New car so qualifies for other rebates and CCA! Can lease at buy rate MF.

Really well equipped build!
$600 liaison fee

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