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Welcome to our California BMW thread!

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Our Process:

We work with several dealers to help find you the best deal on your new vehicle. Once we agree upon a particular car, we will finalize the numbers with your taxes and fees, and at that point if you agree you will pay our fee. You will then submit a credit application with BMW for approval, and if approved, we will arrange delivery of your new car! You can choose to either (1) ship the car to your door (at your expense), or (2) request to pickup the car at the dealer. If you choose to ship, we can refer you to our shipping contact who can get you a competitive quote.

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OL Codes Available for today only!

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228i - 7% off
330i - 7% off
530i - 6.5% off
X1 - 7% off
X3 30i - 5% off

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All cars will be signed and picked up in SoCal. We can deliver to your home as well in the LA area.

Hi Any discount on X5?

Hi, I’m looking for 2022 x3 xdrive with convinience package. Let me know if there is in inventory. Thank you!

Good Afternoon,

We actually have one Black on Black Xdrive with convenience in stock.

Please email us on what you’re looking to do.

We would be more then happy to help.


Also looking for 2022 BMW x3 w/ convenience.
Email sent and waiting for respond. Thanks.

Hello we have a black/black in stock.

36/10k miles $2999 DAS $563 + TAX (DOES NOT INCLUDE LOYALTY)

Thanks Simon.

Check your inbox when you have a moment.

We emailed over a quote.

Hello, I’m looking for a 2021 M440i xdrive, is there any available vehicle at your place? TY!

Looking to get into m5 or m550. Any deals available?

Gonna pass you on to a friend looking at the 2 series

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Hi Imlooking for lease 2022 x6 xdrive 40i, any discount? How much monthly with 2000 down and 36months 10k miles

Thank you

Send us an email: clutchautodeals@gmail.com with your incentives, specs, and zip code and wed be happy to help!


Sent to ur email. Ill wait for ur deal. Thank you so much

any discount for m440 coupe?

still available?

It is sold. These go quick!

No more m8 comp in stock?

Here is our deal listing spreadsheet:

Just made additional updates. Merry Christmas!

We have an M8 comp in stock @jred0226 , email us clutchautodeals@gmail.com to secure it!

330i - 8% off!
530i - 5% off
X5 - 4.5% off!
740i - 11% off - just received allocations on orders!
Z4 - 4.5% off

Have an available M5 allocation! At MSRP!

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