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using the lease calc, with full MSDs with 6.25 tax included. I am at 366. The dealer is at about 420.

Where is the mis-calculation coming from? any idea?

this is a 2019 loaner 330i with 2000 miles. 36months 12k per year

You need to provide your calculator link to see.

Also, the way that leasing software calculates payments is never exact compared to doing it by hand. As long as it’s in the ballpark, it’s fine (but yours isn’t).

Apparently neither is that dealer’s as they can’t even narrow it down to $400 vs $420.

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Generally, when a thread like this gets posted, the mismatch is because either the dealer is using a marked up MF and the poster is assuming by rate, there’s a drastically different amount due at sale, the poster is using pre-incentive discount when the dealer is offering post-incentive, or there’s a bunch of hidden fees that aren’t being captured in the poster’s calculations.

You have no taxes captured, as well as a very different DAS amount.

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Without looking at anything else, you didn’t put in the loaner mileage to reduce the residual.

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Added tax and added the $2,500 back into the selling price, so my guess is that it includes the rebate.

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strange, the link didn’t copy properly. but the selling price is 39xxx. sign and drive with Full MSDs.
but assuming they marked up on something else.

No, it’s not. The sheet you provided says $42,000, and the rebate is clearly included in that discount to get to their number.