CLA 250 lease offer

This is the deal my local MB offered:

CLA 250

MSRP: 46,210.00
Selling Price: 41,994

MF: .00027
RV: 58% at 10k

Due at signing: 1874

Monthly Payment: 459 for 36 months x 10k

Also, 9750 Miles

Thoughts / advice?

The CLA doesn’t usually lease well and this is no exception, not to mention it has almost 10k miles on it.
People have been getting C-Classes for less and even E-Classes for around the same price.

Don’t lease a CLA if you can afford $400 range for a lease payment. It is a glorified ford focus at best and you can have much more car for the $$.

I was quoted $460 for a C class with $52k MSRP (loaner)

I’d Run from this.

I’d run from your quote as well

Agree with the other hackers, not a good deal and FYI, the CLA is being redesigned with mules being tested as we speak and I believe will be on lots early-mid 2019.

I don’t have all the details with me but I recently got the below #'s for a friend (So. Cal) -perhaps it will help:
MSRP: 41,***
$3K out of pocket

What does the 3K cover if this a CCR i would run from that!

1st month, acquisition, fees, etc. - about ~$950 was CCR.

This quote is pretty bad. I got quoted on a brand new 2018 Benz CLA 250, MSRP is around 39k.

They quoted me at $350/month with no acquisition fee for 36 months at 10k miles/ year.

Down payment is $2000. I am trying to seek a better deal