Civic Sedan Touring - Help Starting

Hey Folks, in the market to lease a new Civic Sedan Touring. I have already emailed all the dealers in my area and the best I have come away with is 25k on an MSRP of $27,435. At this point I haven’t even talked lease with the guy. In my initial inquiry, I told them I had already secured financing. So, few questions…

Ohio is the region.

1). Rates on 36/15k (Ohio)
2). What sale price should I be aiming for? Truecar says $24,753 is the average true car price. (Ohio)
3). Is there any other cars in this category I should be looking at? I am currenly a 2014 Chevy Volt lease holder. The last payment is due on 11/20
4). Should I wait for a bit for better deals? I have until 12/20 when I current Chevy Volt is due back.

Some notes: I qualify for Military (which I haven’t told them about yet) and Costco member. I would pay for Farm Bureau if need for Chevy. I have until 12/20 which is when my Volt lease is due back.
I have looked at a new Volt but features to features, it appears as though I can get a stripped down volt for about the same price as a tricked out Civic. I would also consider a Cruze (although it appears to be more expensive than the Civic)

Some tips I can offer as I am in the process of buying a touring would be get a 2016 asap. The leases seem to be around 100$ cheaper than 2017MY and as a rule of thumb you can check out Weymouth Honda lease calculator.

Thanks for your help. I am closing in on a 2016 Civic Sedan Touring, MSRP 27,355. Sale price $23,500 plus tax, title, delivery. (6.75% tax in Ohio).