Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM deals. Purchase or lease. All prices are 100% transparent

Former CDJR Salesperson here - I keep my finger on the pulse of the industry and have remain connected to dealers.

I’ve been ‘brokering’ for a few years now and have a few contacts across the lower 48 - I prefer great lakes area since it’s my home but I can shop most places.

I can also do most brands since I have the contacts to check pricing. I require no commitment for any pricing and will give any advice I can.

All my numbers come with no BS - I will be transparent with everything and post everything in the thread/forum.

No marked up MF or holding money on interest rate. Straight pricing with no gimmicks. No special fees or key protection garbage.

All prices do not include tax and cover basic rebates anyone can get. If you qualify for things like military/conquest/loyalty add that to my price. I will check to make sure it qualifies.

If you want a different finance company let me know - I will get you rates/MF for them.

Can summon me @Benedetto, email me - or you can also text me (586) 315-5381.

I have many testimonials I can provide from previous clients.I charge $199 if you go with my dealership. I bill you directly.

If you want a rolling list of my prices for the future with no commitment, please checkout my newsletter.

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Welcome @Benedetto - fingers crossed you are the real deal so we can put you on our Good Dealers List!

Good start, transparent on your fee!

Most of the folks here want to see numbers based on $0 down. You can mark up the MF as long as you let people know so that there is no massive confusion on what is the buy rate vs the marked up rate.

@Alex Can’t sell my services if I’m not willing to prove my value.

Accountability falls right in line with integrity.

Is there a badge for this list? How does one get on it?


I will keep that in mind - thanks!