Chrysler 2017 Pacifica Touring 8 Passenger Minivan - MF and Residual numbers - Northern California (sf bay area)

I was given a quote for a pacifica touring for $31,300 out of door (28K + 3.3K taxes and registration).

The price seem to be good.

But I was quoted $18,500 for residual and $384 per month + tax as a 0 down lease payment, when financed through Chrysler. Looks like the residual comes to around 58% which seem reasonable, but the payment seem to be too high. Does Chrysler have such a high MF?

Can someone please advise what the numbers should look like for this minivan? Thank you!

any inputs?

happy thanksgiving all.

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The residual is based off MSRP so the “out-the-door” price of $28k doesn’t really help compute that. 58% is reasonable but I don’t think that is what you are getting.

Regardless, your depreciation part of the lease (1 of 3 parts) is
$28,000 - $18,500 = $9,500 / 36 months (?) = $264/mo

So that means your interest (2nd part of 3) is $124/mo => doesn’t sound right
see Step 2 here:

The other stuff you also have to break down for a better analysis. Tax (3rd of 3) is the “+ tax” portion of your payment – not much you can do on that. Should be ~9% so ~@24/mo

As far as target price, the rule of thumb is monthly should be < 1% MSRP. Since you don’t have MSRP, we can say $30k (based on your $28k assuming a $2k discount) so around $300/mo (including tax) would be an OK deal.

We need more info like # of months, miles, etc.

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Here are some numbers (most likely in SoCal)

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The first quote (“out the door”) appears to be for a purchase. You cannot necessarily compare the selling price on a purchase to the selling price listed on a lease contract, because the incentives might be different.

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