Chrylser 300 AWD Details?

Hi guys - I’m seeing some crazy discounts on the Chrysler 300 (28 PERCENT!)

Can anyone provide me with the residuals and MF?

And percentage should I be aiming to get off? Is 30 too far?

Thank You,

Good luck getting a deal on them. I tried for a bit but dealers would not budge. The 25% is retail purchase based though not for leases. Residual is pretty low at 46% from a third party bank. Before i got the jeep one dealer wanted to take only 1k off the car because they have crazy IDL bonus cash or about 8000.

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Oh man…well this changes everything. I saw some deal for 198 on Leashacker with $795 down so I thought they were leasing really well.

No you can still try. You might get the limited version for that kind of money like 33k MSRP. Just giving you my perspective. But line up all rebates first and IDL bonus cash and run the numbers yourself.

Oh okay some hope lol - do you know the MF and residuals?

Last one i was looking was the S Awd and had 46% residual and mf of .00140. Thats for 36 months and 10k a year.

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