Chip in my bumper -2017 mercedes c300 4matic

Just looked at my car today and noticed a chip (s) in my bumper. Is that gonna cost me alot when i return it ? i put down 3500 msd and im really hoping to recoup most of that…

I’ve had way worse on lease returns that I was never charged for.

But on the safe side, I would check Mercedes financials website to see if you can find their lease return page, they will usually tell you what size scratches, dings, and dents are allowable. Yours doesn’t look big at all.

From MBFS: In general, if interior and exterior damage cannot be seen when a standard-size credit card is placed over it, you won’t be charged.*

The Credit Card Test® does not apply to any of the following: damage to windshields, lights, wheels, tires, exterior cracks, gouges, holes in the sheet metal, collective damage, tears, cuts, holes, or burns to the interior.

I think you’re good!

thank you my korean brother !

Happy to help! On a related note, it might be worth getting wear and tear protection from FI for leases IF you can get it for a good price.

I was able to get 5k in extra wear and tear on my Hyundai after haggling with the guy for 299. You always want to turn down the initial offers, and seem on the fence. Then after they bring it down a bit I name my own price.

And the great news is I just hit a coyote a few months ago in the same Hyundai and cracked my bumper! Not great news for the coyote!

Isn’t that covered by insurance ?

I’ve always thought extra wear and tear unnecessary even on the cheap coz of the aforementioned credit card test. Anything bigger, that didn’t happen coz of an accident, like some asshole in a parking lot who side swipes and drives away, generally I’d be embarrassed to drive around and have it fixed myself if its cheap or claim my insurance deductible.

Well the coyote is an accident, but with the small crack in the bumper, I could blame it on road debris. Plus, the wear and tear protection does cover the bumper (1k per incident according to Hyundai).

It even covers worn tires, which on a 36 month lease, probably pays for itself for 299. Also covers small amount of overnileage as well.