🏎 Chicagoland Porsche Leases Macan, Cayenne, 911, Panamera, Cayman

New 2023s. No loaners here!


@wam22 boy do I feel a bit ignorant. I’m just NOW putting two and two together, realizing that your dealership is one that I’ve known for years. :man_facepalming: :joy: It actually encouraged my love for the Porsche brand. I’ll never forget my first time visiting a Porsche showroom. Many moons ago, my mother had ordered a Cayenne through your location. I was actually working on a CPO Cayenne myself a month or so ago, but I ended up passing.

Check the main post for leases. Everything is advertised at 39 months/7500 miles. 36 months is about $50/mo more and the 39 month RV is so good 42 months doesn’t make sense.

Estimates for each mileages increase:
2.5k: -$30/mo
5k: -$15/mo
10k: +$20/mo
12k: +$40/mo
15k: +$70/mo

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It could be a different dealer now. Switched to a new one this month. But the one I am at is amazing. Never have seen so many unique cars and they treat their clients better than any other dealer I have worked at previously.

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The latest photos (07/2021) in this thread is the location that I’m referring to… I noticed a while back that the dealership had changed names as well.

That is the old one. Guess I should delete them. Fun times there but there are better opportunities out there in the Porsche world. That is like playing AAA baseball. Now it is like playing in the big leagues.

This is my only non-Midwest offer right now. Any state is welcome. Better to pay cash/finance for section 179, but you can write off the lease payments too under a business. Plus it is a hybrid so you are saving the world by driving a V8!

2023 Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid
Carmine Red, Leather Interior in Black/Bordeaux Red, Assistance Package, Premium Plus Package, Rear Axle Steering, Sport Exhaust, Trailer Hitch, Soft Close and more!
MSRP: $200xxx
Monthly Payment: $3490
Drive-Off Amount: $10000 plus tax
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 7500

Santa’s December to Remember starts early.


$200k+ sticker and no crests in the headrests. C’mon.


Also should mention I can take order demands for almost every model except GT cars. Just have to be in IL or a surrounding state (IN, WI, MI). Also, have a few base Taycans incoming and changeable. IL residents have a $4000 EV rebate available too!

Where are you at on orders ? Any mark ups on price/ADM or MF?

No markups on MSRP. The rest varies car by car and case by case. But PM me for any details on that stuff since again, it will vary.

NEW 2022 911 Carrera available for Illinois registration only!

$118,090 MSRP. Best to finance or pay cash instead of lease.

992110 911 Carrera 101,200.00 USD
2T Jet Black Metallic 840.00 USD
AH Standard Interior in Black including Leather Seats 0.00 USD
0P8 Sport Exhaust System incl. Tailpipes in Silver 2,950.00 USD
1N3 Power Steering Plus 280.00 USD
2FS GT Sport Steering Wheel in Leather 330.00 USD
2RA Model Designation Changed to 911 0.00 USD
3J7 Porsche Crest on Headrests (Front) 290.00 USD
46L 20/21 911 Turbo Wheels 4,030.00 USD
4D3 Ventilated Seats (Front) 840.00 USD
6XV Power Folding Exterior Mirrors 370.00 USD
8IS Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS+) 1,270.00 USD
8LH Sport Chrono Package 2,790.00 USD
Q4Q Sport Seats Plus (4-way) 810.00 USD
QQ2 Ambient Lighting 580.00 USD
UD1 Under Door Puddle Light Projectors 160.00 USD
Z1S Included First Year / 10,000 Mile Maintenance 0.00 USD
ZAB Ornamental Porsche Crest 0.00 USD
ZAC No Sunroof 0.00 USD

Sold to a LH’r!

Rates went up a little bit for December, so leases are about $10-$20/mo more. I will update the main post when I have a minute.

Also if you are in Illinois, we can order any non-GT/specialty car. 911s and Taycan 4S, GTS, etc. are a long wait, but most Macans, Cayennes, and base Taycans can be delivered within 3-6 months. You can also see my available inventory in the main post too.