Chevy volt Premier

I’m in Tacoma, WA and I’m looking to lease a 2017 Volt Premier. The one I’m looking for is loaded with a MSRP of $40,930
3 year term, 15,000 miles per year with minimum down

There is a CCR of $4325 and sales tax is waived for plug in hybrids purchased in Washington.

What should my lease payment be?

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I got my lease payment to about 381, with only 849 paid at signing, for a Premiere in Seattle.

Three local dealerships wouldn’t deal. I instead leased a 2017 Hyundai Sonata plug in hybrid limited ($40,950) $0 down, 36 month 15K, for $394.96 a month that’s with a number of incentives including the VW promo and federal tax credit. Oh, and no sales tax