Chevy Volt 2014 buy

Hey guys,
Was originally interested in leasing a 2017 Volt, but am now looking to buy a 2014, premium model.
Looking to buy cash, all upfront.

Prices im seeing for used 2014 are 14-15k.
If I go into a dealership in January looking to buy a used 2014, listed as $15k, and offer to buy cash, how much could I realistically expect to lower the price?
Could I get away knocking 4K off the price and laying $11k if I have all cash ready to hand over? What do you guys think?
I also want 3-year warranty.

All tips are appreciated!

There is this myth floating around that cash buyers get better deals. The reality is that if you let them broker the loan you just may get a better price. Then if you don’t like the loan terms just pre-pay it off.

Regarding price, everything is negotiable. If the dealership is struggling to pay it’s lenders it just may give you a sweetheart deal. Generally though, they do expect to make money on your sale though. If they can make at least a grand (or so) over what they have in the car they will probably do the deal.

But they argue on deals all day long and are pretty good at it. Are you up to the task ?

Get your warranty from someone else, you’ll get a better price that way.

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Thanks for the info…
How do you go about getting your warranty through someone else?

here’s a start: