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Are there any differences between the MY 20 and MY 21’s which I’m told are due in December?

@CaliZ06: Looking forward to your magic on the below Traverse AWD LT2:

  • VIN1GNEVJKW9LJ309664

@Jon My mistake, Reread my post its +3 +2 and 0 from 47%

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@mig1 They have not told us in anything in our training yet so I cannot say for sure

@kingsintown PM SENT =)

Hi guys I am getting back to you all one by one. To ensure things go smooth please please please follow these directions

" Ideally please let me know if you qualify for any incentives such as lease loyalty, conquest, Costco, supplier etc.

For the best Chevrolet lease and purchase Deals please contact me with your name phone number and email along with the stock number you are interested in. Visit for my new and used inventory

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Interested in a Bolt PREMIER with Confidence II, Infotainment, DCFC. You don’t have any of them on your site. Assuming you’ll have more coming or will have 21’s in December. I have every possible incentive. Costco, Loyalty, Lease Cash etc. I have a Bolt least now that expires in 2 weeks. What kind of numbers are you able to put together? 3/36. I’m in SoCal

@mig1 please text or email and I’ll run numbers when I get back in. Thanks

Looking for a Silverado 1500 3.0L Diesel (Crew Cab) with the tech package (I want the bose sound system), other than that not picky/ Looking to pay $250 above invoice minus any incentives, let me know what you have and are willing to make a deal with.

Hey Vick, tell your colleague Cassandra to give me some straight numbers will ya :smile:

She keeps trying to construe my total drive-offs as a down payment and pad the DAS with extra fees, but won’t tell me what they are!

Not even mad, just amused, and hope to make a deal with you guys… lol

please check your pm :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like we made it happen! Congrats on the car Will!

@dtmdriven please select a stock number and email text or PM it to me so I can work you a quote. Also let me know what incentives you qualify for like current lease or costco

Emailed Vick the other day and within 24 hours I was driving home with my new ride. If you live in Norcal, contact Vick for a super easy and quick deal! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@MN5052 Pleasure working with you and the family Manuel, hope you’re enjoying the new ride!

I sent you a PM with the stock number

All pms replied thank you all for the opportunities you’ve brought me it’s been a pleasure working with you so far.

I’ve got killer lease deals on LT1 Camaro’s, Silverado’s and the bolt ev deal is still great despite the lower residual

Just a typo heads up the sale price? on the Camaro deal is listed as the monthly payment.

Hey Vick, do you deliver to Southern California? Looking for a Chevrolet Silverado.

Hi Vick! Im interested in a Chevy Bolt EV. I know that you don’t have any in stock at this time. I just had a question. Not sure if this is the right place to post/ask. But will I be able to stack Customer Cash + Costco + Friends and Family Authorization Code (Cousin works for GM) + First Responder Discount if I buy instead of Lease?