Chevy Trax LT AWD in MA

I’m going to try to finalize a deal for a Chevy Trax tomorrow and want to confirm the numbers I am seeing. I was originally looking at a Cruze but, here in MA, it doesn’t look like we are getting the 750 Incremental CCR.

The trax is getting 1075 in lease cash plus 1500 in Incremental CCR. When added to the 3000 Asian Conquest, this might be the cheapest lease available here. Here are the numbers I am seeing:

.00082 MF and 67% residual
1225 Lease cash
1500 Incremental CCR
3000 Asian Conquest
2000 Bonus Tag for purchases not sure for leases maybe 1k?

I have my eye on an AWD LT model. Can anyone confirm these numbers? I’ll keep you posted how it goes tomorrow.


Bonus tag on a Trax is $1,500 for a lease.


Thanks for the numbers! Unfortunately, the dealerships here don’t seem to want to include the Incremental CCR of 1500. They, supposedly, don’t see it in their system. We’ll see if I can track down a dealership willing to include the cash. Also, they are looking to basically sell the car for MSRP (most I got was 300 dollars off).