Chevy Traverse High Country 18 - $580 x39 months

Hi, my business partner needed a car and after months of haggling ended up with Chevy traverse 18 high country at $580 for 39 months with $6000 down. Price was $52k in the end. Interested in feedback. Obviously it might not be a killer deal, but interested how you would negotiate it down as he tried for months. BTW we are in VA and this is through business.


Ouch. Over $700 a month for a Traverse when you could get a QX60 for less

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Ouch, basically $734/month sign and drive on a Traverse. Makes this 70k BmwX5 deal look amazing now NEW! 2018 BMW X5 40e, 599 + tax + msds, TDAS (bank/doc/dmv/first month). 70k msrp. MUST HAVE FLEET OR OL! [NJ/NY/PA/CT]

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Here is my best ADVICE… talk to a dealership that has more then one HighCountry in stock. The location with just one will hold on to the price because they don’t know when they will get another one in stock. My discount is normally not as good on the hard to find vehicles.

Also stick with the fleet guys for business deals. They can be more flexible. The sales guy that answers the phone when you call their Hotline is normally talking to his boss about about how he will try to sell it for MSRP… lol

Don’t be Hating you non Chevy fans… Buy American to Make America better???

The High Country is cool, just not 700 a month cool.

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Or 2 qx60s if you picked the base model (although VA taxes might skew that).

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So this is the latest in this saga - it’s a 2019 High Country Traverse - in Satin Steel (not easy to find) - i’m talking directly to their Fleet lead at local Chevy dealer.
So basically looking at $635 for VA Business 39 month lease with $6000 down

I’ve been told the MF is .00106% and that I can’t get that down simply as it’s a 2019… Thoughts?

Programs differ per region but that still seems really high to me. Especially after a 5K Discount. What are the “installed options” of $1,096.00?

You know what? I’ll buy American when they start making good products that are actually competitive instead of the same drivel year after year.

I wish I could buy America, but I don’t shop by brand, I shop by vehicle capability and value.

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For $788 a month it seems like you could get a pretty loaded Tahoe.

You end up paying almost $31,000 over 39 months. That is, by all accounts, an awful deal!!!

The funny thing is that many foreign brands have cars that are more “American” than many of the domestic brands now. Look at Buick, I think the Enclave is really the only true “American” vehicle they have left. Even Chevy is becoming more foreign/imported, especially on the low end.

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Thoughts? It is clearly an awful deal. If you must have a High Country, and are willing to put so much down, just buy it

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Also why are you looking for 2019s? They didn’t make any drastic changes over the 2018, it was just redesigned. Might be worth checking 2018 out instead.

@ElectricEliminator couldn’t find any stock of satin steel. I’ve been told the same price for 18 as 19

There does seem to be an extra 750 in lease cash on the 2018, and maybe more incentive to discount? But if you are set on the color that makes it more challenging.

+1 The stealership knows u wan’t this color the deal isn’t gone be cheap i would open up to more color choices.