Chevy Spark EV lease end next May SoCal, better to wait or not?

So nobody has that crystal ball to predict when the rebates from Clean Air program will run out again or if they will get funded soon afterwards. To me it’s a big part of decision making for my next leased car, most likely an all electric again. I know, that both dealers and manufacturers alike have pretty attractive deals either at the end of the year or a very beginning.
In your opinion, would it be more advantageous to look for the end of a year deals and maybe pay double payments for 4-5 month or let the current lease run out and then start looking for the deals and possibly miss out on the Clean Air? It’s not a must for me to hop from car to another, i.e. I can afford a gap in between because I have other cars available for me to drive if need be.

I’d just sit tight and wait. Who knows, you may even get a lease pull-ahead offer from GM a little down the road, which would eliminate your last few payments if you get into another GM vehicle (maybe a Bolt?).

At the least, lease deals won’t get any worse towards the end of the year, as manufacturers will be trying their best to pad their numbers.

What do you have in mind for your next vehicle?

Thank you bro,
that was my thinking too.
Does anyone knows under what circumstances I would miss out on the Clean Vehicle rebate even if the program gets funded again, like it just did?
I was thinking of either Bolt, I3 or VW in that order. Thankfully two of these are available already so I don’t think I can end up without my EV next year :slight_smile: