Chevy Lease Transfer

I have a 2016 Cruze Limited LT, one of the better deals a little over a year ago. Do you know if I wanted to transfer the lease, does it have to remain with a leasee in my home state or can it be transferred out of state? I’ve seen mixed responses on different sites.

I’m in Kentucky. Leased from a dealer in cincinnati. It’s $105/mo 24mo/12k with the 6% tax. 12 months to go.

If it’s GM Financial, it must be someone within the same state, AFAIK. Best to ask them directly.

It be within the same state, there must be at least 12 months remaining, and you must be 6 months into the lease. Quite tricky on a 24 month lease

Thanks. It is tricky indeed. Maybe I’ll just keep it. We shall see.