Chevy equinox- any lease deals July 2018?

Are there any lease deals for equinox this July 2018? Someone indicated a zero down payment $150/month deal could be possible. It is just a rumor and I do not have any supporting material. If you know, please share

So far I have seen $199/month+taxes with $199 down during signing, 36 months 10K. But I have not come across $150 /month deal

Doubt that payment is possible right now.

Hello: I have one Atlanta dealer offering Equinox LS for $199/month , 24 months 10K per year with 1st payment due upfront.
What questions should I ask? Since it is my first lease, what to ask and how to be sure everything is clear before signing the contract.

I just got confirmation. The payment includes all taxes. You pay the 1st payment at signing, you have 23 payments left. You only pay the 1st payment amount down. Can someone please let m e know what else I should check? What other incentives I could ask?

You have to bring more to the table for anyone to answer you. Need the following:

Sales price before incentives
Incentives, and which ones are being used
What money factor is being used?
DMV/Doc fees

If you’re serious about this deal, ask them for a lease breakdown sheet to review.

Look into One Pay options. @chevysalesgirl posted an Equinox recently for $4k one pay for 24 months. That works out to roughly $167 a month. I think that’s as close to $150 a month as you’re gonna get right now for any mid-size SUV


Tried to look for the post. $167/month is good

It’s not hard to find @chevysalesgirl post, she literally has one thread. There you go, it’s for diesels though:


Anything wrong with the diesel models? I don’t see the drawback really

Honestly no, they’re torquier (is that even a word) engines and get good mpg. Only drawback is it doesn’t sound as smooth as regular engines and not every gas station has diesel here in SoCal.

Do they sound like a Cummins at idle :slight_smile:

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Haha, honestly I haven’t heard an Equinox diesel but I know diesel engines have come a long way. I used to drive a 7.4L Ford powerstoke ambulance for a long time, but the recent diesels are very quiet.