Chevy Cruze vs. Volt

Hi everyone! First, I just want to thank everyone for all the help you provide! I have a question regarding the Chevy Cruze vs. Volt. It looks like these two are going to be leasing out very well this month and chances are, I might try to snag one.

My question is where does the leasehackr community stand on which is the better buy? It looks like when you factor in the incentives offered in my state (Massachusetts) they would be really close in month price (maybe 10-20 dollar difference). Which car do you feel is more worth the price? Is one built particularly better than the other? I would like to hear any opinions of people who might have cross-shopped before. Thanks and happy hunting!

I think the Volt is very compelling being a PHEV, but Consumer Reports rated the Volt’s reliability in 2016 as “well below average” while the Cruze was rated as “well above average”.

Who gives a rip about reliability when you are going to give the car back in 2-3 years!

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I’m actually surprised on the low reliability of the Volt. I read an article that ZERO defective batteries were replaced in the first gen. It looks like between similarly equipped, there is a 10k difference in MSRP (Lease cash because of the federal tax credit brings that a little closer). That will translate to a slightly higher monthly payment. Are the interior materials that much better in the Volt and is the price difference worth it for 53 miles of electric range? If the electric motor is drained the Highway EPA between the two is only about 4-5mpg difference.

So, what is the better lease?

The Volt is a 4 seater whereas the cruze is a 5 seater. So that is an important thing to ponder.
The Volt gets you an MA state rebate of 2500 on a 36 month lease whereas the Cruze doesn’t, so that’s like an extra 70 a month!!

Yes I saw that! The 70 dollars a month brings it down to Cruze price territory (when similarly equipped on a 36 month lease) but the Cruze is leasing out sub 100 dollars when doing a 24 month lease. This next car is going to be for my wife so I will just have to take her and see which one she prefers.

Volt has capacity for 3 in the back seat.

Same dilemma I’m facing, but I am OK with an LT volt and only OK with a Cruze premier and that one I haven’t gotten as good a quote as the Lt Cruze

You may get extra savings with the Volt … “gas” is around $10-15/mo depending on where you are