Chevy Cruze Lt Rs - $143/month 0 down

Chevy Cruze Lt Rs
MSRP: $25,985
Sale price: $24,999
Rebates: $5,725 (includes bonus tag)
MF: .00046
Residual: 67%
24m, 10,000 miles
Upstate NY tax 8%

$149/month - first payment covered by dealer, 0 down, all fees included in payment

Is this a decent deal even though I couldn’t get much more off MSRP? Trying to do a one pay but the dealer most willing to work with me has not done one before, so taking a bit of time for them to understand the benefits of it.

Originally planned on leasing a Mazda CX-5 or a 3 but none of the local dealers are willing to discount much off the MSRP. One dealer even told me it was against their confidentiality rules to email/print the lease payment breakdown. Are all upstate NY dealers this frustrating to deal with?

Why not lease the Equinox LS (with simialr numbers) if you were originally considering the CX-5?

you can do better.
Take quotes from NJ dealers who are discounting the car to near invoice pricing. Work your numbers backward.
Your rebate number looks less by $500
What is the value of bonus tag ? Is it not $1000 ?

I don’t have rebate breakdown from dealer, but from what I could figure out on my own it’s: 3,000, 500 auto show, 1,225 bonus cash and I’m assuming the last 1,000 is bonus tag

None of the local dealers will match an ad, they will only match an actual lease agreement.

That is a good deal. You may be able to get an extra $500 off, but they only have a select amount of these tags. you don’t have the leverage… They can do this deal and sell out of them and then what do you do? Even if they give you the extra $500 you’ll most likely never see these prices again on a cruze. the 3k lease conquest plus the $1,500 select model discount is crazy,
Take the deal…