Chevy Corvette Stingray Mid-Engine - Pre-Orders MY 2022

That is awesome!!!

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Yup, a nice surprise!

Hi, I ordered a 2023 c8 2lt for myself at msrp.
My cousin also ordered a 70th anniversary coupe with z51 in black at msrp. He has backed out of his order. Dealer told him, the car will be delivered in 2 weeks. We haven’t told our dealer yet about him backing out.
I am seeing some c8 selling for msrp. So my question is this, would it be worth it to take delivery of his to flip it for a bucks or have prices flatten on these new c8 where its not worth it. And also, what is the best way to flip it with least out of my pocket. 42m lease and sell the least to another gm dealer?

Don’t think you can lease a C8-or if there are programs be ready for $10K plus DAS

Hard to flip these C8 now I think…market has softened notably.

A Z06 though…that one is still MONEY.

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I doubt you’d be able to break even with a Stingray. Mine was ordered as a flip originally, but I built it as a keeper just in case. I signed for it knowing that the market was softening and I’m fine with that.

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No money in C8 flip due to taxes fees. If it’s a low msrp build which I can estimate it’s not then most people won’t want it. Post your build here maybe someone wants it otherwise just let dealer know you’re backing out.

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90k msrp
70th anniversary black 3lt coupe, Z51, battery package, wheel lock
I see dealers selling them for 110-105. Dont see any 70ths for msrp at all.
Send me offers

Even at $110k retail…theres no reasonable room to meaningfully profit with your buying it at MSRP.

He has FOMO, just tell him what he wants to hear

factoring in taxes and fees and dealer not paying MMR you will not be able to flip with ease

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Why would anyone buy these from you when you admit you have multiple orders that you’re debating even taking ? You’re admitting there is no meat on the bone.

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Interested in getting a C8 - Can anyone send me a contact - east coast, preferably custom build.

MacMulkin or Ciocca