Chevy Corvette Stingray Mid-Engine - Pre-Orders MY 2022

As someone who’s following the market for C8s, I would say it is still not easy to buy one, but it definitely is also getting hard for owners to sell one for a good price. Factors like Z06 hitting the market, Eray coming soon, and competitors like Lotus Emira ramping up all does not help. If the economy turmoil continues and the interest rate stays high, It would be about time for it to start depreciate just like any other car.

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i know of 3 in ca msrp…

What builds?

3lt 90+ msrp

Seems like those are the ones that are easier to get. The 75K under builds are usually harder to find.

What’s keeping the MMR afloat for these? I tested out some website offers for a 1LT that’s in stock nearby and they were nowhere near this MMR

I’m putting on my tin-foil hat. I think Cox Automotive is artificially floating the values on many of these and the MMR/blue book/JD Power values are no longer accurate representations of car values. I’ve noticed actual retail pricing fluctuating widely from what you see in these calculators. If it’s public-facing, it probably can’t be trusted.

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I want :disappointed:

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What do normal dealers use then? I thought it was MMR. I know the online ones like CM, Carvana etc have their own algorithms at this point