Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Short Box 2017 2WD/4WD

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Chevy Colorado, Crew Cab Short Box, 2WD 2.5L I4, WT, Chevy Colorado, Crew Cab Short Box, 4WD 3.6L V6, WT
Months/Annual Mileage: 24/10K
Zip Code: 60076
as well as incentives available.


2WD WT MF .00193/77% based on 10K -2% for 12K
4WD WT MF.00193/82% Based on 10K -2% for 12K

Possibly $3k Asian Conquest, see other threads for details. In Skokie, you don’t pay Chicago extra taxes.

Thanks for the info. I wonder if there are any other rebates besides bonus tag and conquest.

Ok @senwia, time to do your magic on that 82% RV !!!

Working on it …15 char

Any numbers for the LT or Z71?

As for incentives, there’s…

$3,000 Asian brand lease conquest, $1,500 competitive lease cash, or $500 GM lease loyalty, and $500 Farm Bureau

I spoke to 2 different Chevy dealers and they both said 78% residual on a 24/10k lease for a LT or a Z71.

Hey michael, is it really a 4% difference between the WT and LT/Z71?