Chevy Camaro LT1 lease in New York deal question

So I got a quote from chevy for a Camaro LT1 in the capital region of New York. They gave me some numbers on one being shipped from Detroit with a excepted arrival of January 2022. they gave me some numbers but no money factor or residual was available yet im told, based on the shipping status of the car. I put down 1000$ as a refundable reservation , I chose not to run my credit until I test drove the car in January, but I do have outstanding credit. These are the numbers, the dealer told me. money down is not required, and taxes and fees are built into the monthly payment.

MSRP 41,670
1000$ down payment
585 a month 10k miles 39 month lease

I was estimated to be around the 600, dollar mark if I opted to put no money down which would be ideal. I know without the money factor or residual there’s not much info, but do you guys think its a good deal. its my first lease, and from the research and calculations I was expecting to see about no more than 480 with 0 money down. I wanna start negotiating for at least 500 a month with 1k down or at least 585 with 0 money down. can you negotiate before the credit pull or after? am I expecting to much in this climate? Is this a decent deal?

Do not do submit credit applications until after you have agreed to a deal. As for this, it is not a good deal. Most of the deals you see here are with supplier pricing, meaning you need a supplier code through your employer. You probably also need lease conquest or loyalty, which basically just means any car in your household.

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