Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Kona, or Tesla Model 3 (in state vs. out of state)?

So my wife currently has a 15’ BMW i3 that she loves but has nothing but issues. We are selling it this upcoming week and have narrowed the list down for her new car to the Chevy Bolt Premier, Telsa Model 3 SR+, or the Hyundai Kona Ultimate. She has three requirements in the car…heated seats, EV, and unique color. Now I realize the Bolt has been out the longest and probably has the best deals (~$11,000 off) but I’m looking at several questions here:

  1. We live in NV and a CA dealer told us this week its not allowed to lease Bolts out of state. I have never heard this before, but then again, I’ve never leased a Chevy or GM product. Is this true?

  2. We have researched quite a while into leases and don’t want to put anything down at all. What is the price range per month we would be looking at for these three cars for a good deal (i know Tesla doesn’t negotiate)?

  3. What are some of the best deals people have gotten in the past 30 days? We are coming into the final days of 2019 models and I’d assume deals are getting better?

Before anyone starts bashing one of the cars, we realize each has its perks and cons. Yes, Tesla doesn’t have great built quality but it is extremely comfortable, fun to drive, and cutting edge tech. Chevrolet doesn’t have the greatest reliability and has horrible seats, but we love the Android Auto/info screens, and the hatchback. And finally, the Hyundai is the most expensive and probably the smallest of the three, but reviews on it are exceptional and has the best range. I know there are a few Chevy dealer reps on here (@chevysalesgirl, @ChevyPhil ), but I’m not sure about Tesla or Hyundai thought could chime in. If it helps, we are not current lessors. Thanks ahead of time guys.

That’s not how this forum works. Do your own research, get quotes and report back. Or hire a broker to do this work for you.

Use the search function. There are many posts about all three cars.


Not sure how much you care about what you pay monthly…the Bolt will probably be about $100-$150 cheaper than the other 2, lease wise. If money is not that important then you should have her drive all…you know, to avoid sleeping on the couch.

Yea I figured that with the Bolt being the oldest, it would have the best deals. Kona deals seem to be pretty non-existent at this point, and of course Tesla doesn’t negotiate and have a history of being poor leases, especially on the 3 with no option to buy it at the end.

The big thing, is it true I can’t go to CA to get a lease and bring it back to NV where I live, or is that the dealer just not wanting to do it?

The one Chevy Bolt deal I’ve gotten back so far is $35,000 even for the car and fees, and that came out to $592 for a 72mo loan or $490 for a 39 mo lease. The MSRP is $44000 so they are taking $9000 off. The $490 for 39 months seems really high. Or can you not apply the GM cash allowances to leases?

Just to add two cents: Tesla’s and Hyundai Konas are few and far between on here, so there might not be a lot of previous posts to work with.

They are pushing purchases on the Bolt mostly this month. Using the Las Vegas zip code there’s only 2,500 in lease cash and 500 for a competitive lease available. Many California dealers are not keen on dealing with the hassle of out of state buyers. You need to register the car yourself and I don’t believe that they provide temp tags.

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Not for nothing, but if she loves the i3 so much that might be your best play right now, issues with the one you are getting rid of notwithstanding. Better incentives, inflated residual, potentially adding an OL code and loyalty (if offered on the i3) to the deal? You’re gonna come out way ahead. Tesla and Chevy are tapped out on the federal incentives, and Hyundai doesn’t seem to be passing much of it along.

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Dealers do out of state leases, you just need to find one.
At $500/mo the Bolt is just not worth it…no way i would not go for the 3 for $50-$100 more. Why is it a problem that you can’t buy the 3 at lease end? If that’s your intention, just buy it from the start and save some money. Then again, if we talk buying, the Bolt has an extra $1875 tax credit and the $9k off you mentioned compared to the 3. I guess you need to decide if leasing is even worth it.

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Definitely the best lease right now…but i sense they are looking for a long range ev judging by the 3 cars mentioned by OP.

Yes, we want long range and my wife will never approve another BMW after the problems we have has with this one. The service center doesn’t even know how to fix them.

We don’t necessarily want to buy it at the end but like having the option. To have to pay a disp fee at the end and not be able to buy it is sort of crap. If the cash allowances incentive of $6500 right now on the bolt counts towards a lease, then a bolt lease should only be around $300. Residuals are around 50% right now so that means the lease should only be about 15000 over the 39 months plus interest…?

Yes, the top trim is about $15k in CA. Did you contact the Chevy dealers on this forum?

Out of curiosity as someone who’s looking at leasing an i3, what problems have you had with it?

If you could stomach one again, they have been leasing for dirt cheap. Even theoretically under $100 in California.

Whatever you do, don’t get the REX. It will fail switching over to the gas generator, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Oil, tires rotation, and brake fluid change they wanted over $650 to do…did it myself for only about $50 and then $160 for the brake fluid flush. The cameras fail in the heat. The windshield washer pump broke and leaked all over the garage. I’ve never had to take a car under warranty to the dealer for so many issues


I mentioned them in the original post to get their input

Alright an update (let me know what you think):

Chevrolet Bolt best deal offered:
Chevy Bolt Premier MSRP $44,045 ($5,545 off MSRP plus $9,000 rebate incentives for loan, for out door total of $32,366 with tax and $495 doc fee) --> $509/mo for 72 mo loan
$424/mo for 39 mo lease with $0 down ($495 doc fee, $695 acq. fee, and $5545 off MSRP with $5,000 rebates)

Tesla deal:
Tesla Model 3 SR+ MSRP Blue w/ autopilot $41,100
(Nothing off, no savings) $510/mo 36 mo no money down lease
$696/mo for 72 mo loan

Lol…less than $100 to go to Tesla? Don’t walk…run! It’s just not good enough deal on the Bolt offer. Maybe work on that Bolt deal a bit more before you decide? Also, I’m a bit skeptical about that TM3 deal…seems too low.

Bolt EV lease deals are poor in non-CARB states. CARB states are Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, as well as the District of Columbia.

GM has no reason to sell EVs cheaply outside of CARB states because they won’t get ZEV credits from the sale. The lease incentives are based on vehicle registration address, so even if you buy in CA, you won’t get a CA deal if the car is registered in NV.

If I were in your position, I’d purchase a Model 3 because it’s the best car of the bunch for the same money as the rest. If you don’t need Autopilot, get the off-menu SR for $35,000 + $1,200 destination. You’ll need to order in person or by phone.

What ever happened with your return? How long did it take to get your $ back?

Took about 3-4 weeks. I found the right person at Tesla to ask. They cancelled the Wells Fargo loan before the first payment was due.