Chevrolet Private Offer August 2016

Has anyone gotten one in this month or more recently than March 2016?

I got one in July; they typically show up the last two weeks of the month.

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I got one yesterday within about 10 seconds. I think I went to the main page, then clicked offers, and it popped up. Problem was, I put my info in an hit submit and waited like four minutes while it said “processing” and never got an email and nothing ever popped up. Finally refreshed the page and it was gone.

So, possibly do NOT try to get it on your mobile phone! Haven’t had it pop up again after spending a couple hours on the site :-/

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trying for a week with no luck :frowning:

Did exactly what @acarney did and also got one within 10 seconds.

I’ve been trying non stop, from incognito mode to visiting other oem websites such as Ford and Toyota hoping to trigger something. “Build now” on refresh and still nothing.

I tried about 50 times on my computer over the last 2 months. No luck at all, using chrome or safari or incognito.
I leased a volt in mid july without the private offer. just now, i tried on my smart phone and i got the offer after trying to build a camaro. it came up in less than 60 seconds. i received the authorization code and pin and everything needed for the dealership. It all came up on my smartphone. $1000 on a volt that i really could have used last month. I am tempted to lease another volt just to use my code…

Thanks for the heads up… Tried after reading your message and finally got one !..

If anyone generates a code they won’t use or don’t need, please call me and use/fill in my info! 630-742-5668
Thanks in advance

I got a private offer tonight using Chrome incognito after shaking chicken bones and tossing my cookies. Seriously, thanks to all the members who have shared tips and experiences.

I will use it on an end-of-month Volt lease.

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What zip code? Might have something to do with it

Q: it says “not available with some other offers” Anyone know what those offers are? I’m planning on leasing at the end of the month.

I’m in the DC metro area

only 1 private offer per deal… Can’t combine with Lease Loyalty, Farm Bureau, etc…

What exactly did you do generate the offer, how long did it take?

Can combine with Farm Bureau, but not any other offers that I know of.


Took two minutes. I browsed the Cruze section.

When do they expire? Wanna save one for bolt release

mine says it expires aug 31st

8/31/16 for me as well.

Did you browse 2016 or 2017?