Chevrolet Orange County Lease info

You guys tell me what your looking for and I’ll PM you my best offer. I have been posting some Blow Out models and have been getting some good responses. Especially from the Hackers down in San Diego. Thanks again for your business guys.

I have the largest Parts department and Chevrolet Show room in Orange County and I’m not in a auto mall. I work for a family owned dealership that has been in Orange County since 1952. Since we have lower cost of operations then most other Chevy dealerships. I can pass these saving on to you.

Give me an opportunity to truly earn your business not just offer you the lowest lease offer.
My customers spend an average of 1 hour here with me before they are driving home with their new Chevrolet.

So which Chevrolet are you trying to lease this month?

I have a huge weekend department goal.You lease hackers will be able to save some extra cash. The Boss gave me an extra $500 discount to offer if you lease one of my in stock vehicles this weekend. Deadline is close of business on Monday 04/23/18
Normal Chevrolet incentives will still apply. No Supplier code needed.

I’m a way across the country, but just curious to what kind of deals are out there. Interested in Cruz, Colorado, Equinox and anything else you may recommend.

Here is the national ad for the Cruze.

Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees.
$169/month for 24 months.
For Everyone: $5,131 due at signing (after all offers)*.
$0 security deposit.

For Current GM Employees and Eligible Family Members who are Current Lessees of 2012 or newer select GM vehicles:
$1,899 due at signing (after all offers)**.
$0 security deposit.

Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra.
Mileage charge of $0.25/mile over 20,000 miles at participating dealers.
This link would help you out. Just put in your zip code. I will also show you available inventory around you.

Thank you. Do you think it would be possible to find a Redline edition one to lease?

I’m possibly interested in a Colorado ZR2, any deals on those?

pm me for the ZR2 info

if it’s in stock they can lease it.

What’s the best lease offer for Chevy Volt 3 yr/36k. I don’t have any GM lease in the household but own Volvo XC90 and BMW 325i. Also have the supplier discount through the employer.

I’ll get the numbers in the morning. Are you trying to pick one up this weekend?

Yes if the numbers makes sense I will buy tomorrow (4/21). As a reference I got a great deal posted in this forum on March 31st but it was 30 mins before store closing and I couldn’t make it. Unfortunately the March specials ended and I couldn’t avail it the next day. I am in no rush to buy the car so if April numbers are different than March and the incentives are less then I will probably wait. However, if you are able to match or beat the numbers posted on this forum then you’ve got my business.

I’d appreciate numbers on a 3 yr 10k miles per volt lease. One pay or payments. No current lease, do have educator discount.

I’m looking for the best lease I can get on a 2018 Bolt EV Premier (orange preferably), 24 or 36 months. No current lease, I am a veteran, I would like to lease by the end of the month, I will move on the right deal April 26th - 30th.

You need to pm me to get an offer. I’m trying not to clutter this post. Thank you for show an interest.

So who do you work for? Is it Selman Chevy or is it Guaranty Chevy or who ? If you don’t want to post the dealership, what city are you in? I could figure it out from there.

Does your dealership do onepay leases?

Profile says Guaranty Chevy

I’m interested in the GMC terrain or whatever the Chevy version is. Need small SUV…looking at price… live in SD


Sorry I had customers here. I’m an Internet Sales Manager @ Guaranty Chevrolet. I’m in Santa Ana Ca 711 E 17th st
17th st exit on the 5 fwy

I didn’t want to advertise just for my dealership.

Sorry no one pay leases. PM for individual offers.