Chevrolet Equinox 2020 Premier AWD $339


What do you guys think of this? I tried to make the calculator as close to the numbers I have. I’m using Costco and receiving a $700 giftcard. Also dealer is making my last payment of $414 on my current lease

2020 chevy equinox awd premier with convenience and confidence package and sunroof
MSRP $40,040
Selling price $36716
Residual $24824
Im getting $2100 in rebates from dealer including conquest
Money factor is .00067 with tier 1 credit

Im putting down first payment and dmv= $512

Monthly payment comes to $339 with taxes rolled in.

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Nice deal for a $40K MSRP car. 2.0L motor or 1.5L?

I went with the 2.0. Also came with sunroof and confidence and convenience package

Ugh no he’s not, it’ll be rolled in on your contract.

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I had certificate number for pull ahead from GM for staying within GM family.

Then GMF is, not the dealer. It’s an important distinction as the vast majority of people think that dealers will magically pay negative equity and not even notice it on the contract.

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Still seems like a pretty good deal for a loaded Equinox

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yea I couldnt turn it down…picked it up today!