Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

I’d like to see if anyone wants to take over the lease of the truck.
Model year 2018
White exterior, Black interior, upgraded Bose audio.
Lease will end in Oct 2020.
Annual mileage is 15,000
Current odometer reading is 13500
Monthly payment is $400
Lease is with GM Financial, located in CA.


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Can they lease out of state?

Let me ask them, will report back.

Update: person taking over the lease must reside in the same state, sorry.

Extended or crew cab?

Crew cab.

Below is what GM Financial told me:

With a lease assumption, there are a few requirements that we have before we can begin that process. The account cannot be within the first 6 months, the account must be current and stay current during the entire process (which may take about 30 days), the new potential lessee must reside in your same state, and the new potential lessee must pay a fee of $595.00 and submit a credit application subject to approval. Once you have someone that is willing to complete this process with you, you can give us a call at 800-369-5212 and ask for the lease assumptions team. They will need the new potential lessee’s name, email address, physical address, and a phone number. They will then send out the credit application and begin that process upon approval.


Is it the diesel?

No, it’s the gas engine.

Does that price include tax?

Yes, that’s all inclusive. Some more info: the tax rate at your county may be higher or lower than where I live, so what you’ll pay in tax may be less, or more.

Also, the amount of $400 is after I added my cash incentive. What this means is that I’m currently paying a higher amount, but to help “sell” this truck, I’ll pay the difference to the new buyer so that the monthly will be $400.

To be more specific: my monthly is $465/month. I will pay the buyer the sum of $65 x number of months remaining.

One person has asked me about buying the truck outright.
You can do that too, the price is $35,200.

Is it still available?

Are you looking to take over the lease or buy it?

Truck is back on the market. The previous person didn’t qualify with GM Financial.

wow $400 month for a zr2 what did you put down to get that deal?