Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

i believe it can but i don’t have any in stock with that config.

What is the Equinox EV one-pay pricing with costco, existing lease/bolt, and supplier?

It seems the one you posted on Jun 14 was without supplier. Has it gotten closer to what the Blazer one-pay pricing is? Am I understanding right that the current Equinox has a longer range than the Blazer AWD that’s out right now, by about 40 miles?

employer supplier is a $1k rebate off the top on the onepay.
yeah the equinox EV is kinda of like a Bolt EUV that is longer, the Blazer EV is much wider and larger SUV style car and weighs more. I haven’t seen much real-world range just fully charged.

If I want to buy Equinox EV 2LT by august 11th, when should I place the order?
Is the car fully stock? Thanks

too late to order but there’s many hitting lots now.

@chevysalesgirl, I’m a tourist when it comes to the world of GM. Why is the Blazer EV RWD drive volume so low? Was it meant to be a staggered release after the AWD? I’m seeing a maybe a dozen RWD units in SoCal.

Hello there,
I am interested in leasing a pick up truck,
any good deals?
please let me know

Any Used Bolt EV that offer $4k at POS?

I have several used bolts that we do $4k POS.[type][0]=Used&_dFR[type][1]=Certified%2520Used

This maybe a dumb question, but what is 4k POS? I know POS is point of sale, but can u elaborate

just like on a new car purchase, if you’re within income guidelines you can apply a $4,000 rebate upfront instead of on your taxes.

Thank u much

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