Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

Email only, not on my account page either. (It may have been, I do not have the original $2,000 bonus back yet from the Honcker experiment!).

i haven’t heard/seen anything. bunch of cars have 0% on 18s, extra CCR went out on the 8th.

not sure if its the same but I found this on the Costco auto page… what does it really mean - do you have to use your GM card during the purchase?

can you screen capture the learn more part - cant find it in here

here you go… interested in knowing if this is only if you use GM credit card?

it looks based on that ass-backwards explanation that your current points you have are worth triple if you redeem them towards a new purchase.

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Here is the shot of my card with $1,000 bonus earnings plus the additional $1,000 for Silverado and Sierra.


Well it looks like someone needs an another authorized user on their account​:raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man:

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Found it. Thanks! Thinking about hacking a Silverado. The extra $2k from another silverado lease loyalty is looking good at the moment.

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rebumping traverses. big push on those and colorado and Bolt EV!

Any deals on the 2019 Chevy Blazer?

We only have one on the ground right now. Once inventory fills up, then I can start pushing them. As of now, I can only do supplier pricing is someone qualifies for it.

sorry for laggy responses everyone. been back to back here plus doing deliveries. if we can’t make it happen today, i can always deliver during weekdays. just super backed up.


Would anyone be so generous to DM me a supplier code? I would like to get a lease through Trish.

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Me too, if it’s that simple. I would really like a supplier code too

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I could use one, too, thanks!

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I’m pretty sure you need to provide proof of employment to the dealership in order to get the discount applied. It’s not just a code you can get from anyone

Yes this is correct.

with only, if you purchase a vehicle using the program… a couple months later once the GM Gods process it, you can then “share” your discount with another.

there’s tons of people i’ve worked with here and their friends/family on their car using the shared code. but again, they must first complete their own purchase being listed primary on contracts.

for those checking, log into gmsupp page. go to get authorization number. if it gives the option to create a number and share, you have it. if it only lists self than you dont have it yet.


Each time you purchase or lease a new GM vehicle under the GM Supplier Discount Program, you can share the Supplier Discount with one friend or family member. Share it for up to one year from the date of your vehicle purchase. Once you obtain an authorization number, your friend or family member will have 90 days to use it.

this does work on extra CCR rebate available.

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